How many? (Please Stop or Don't)

how many discussions on the Roman DLC do we need???

It seems like every other day, we have a new discussion over the same subject. The Roman DLC has been discussed to dead; we are just continuing to repeat the same statements over and over and over again.

So far over 47 with thousands of replies ( without counting the whining that is coming after the realease)… So How Many More???

Please add your guess at the bottom.

Thank you :blush:


48 threads thanks to you.


Thank you :blush: Glad to be of help :rofl::joy::rofl:


Yes, “where is the knowledge we have lost in information?”

I really wish this forum was organized better and there were only a small handful of definitive topics about different aspects of the DLC, rather than a few dozen threads where you basically just end up choosing a couple to pay attention to and ignore the rest. In the past, mods would combine threads that were on the same topic, and I kind of wish they’d do that again, although it would be a bit of work. As it is now, IMO this lowers the quality (and greatly increases the repetition) of the discussions.


I agree, so let’s simplify:

A)- Whining about X subject
B)- Hurray about X subject
C)- let us wait and see the final product before Huray or Whining

That would only add only 3 more Topics and that would put us to 51. :joy::rofl::joy:

Thanks for creating #48. Seems like you want to have at least one more.

Shall i make my own discussion too? :clown_face:

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Yes :grin: why not?, Join the party :partying_face: :tada:

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I really hope they change their minds about the Romans in Age of Empires 2’s timeframe, but they wont.

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By all means. Wouldn’t be any worse than any of the other 4 dozen people who had to make their own threads when there was an ongoing months-long thread by @Siegelad4112 . Granted a couple more threads about more specific aspects of the DLC were justifiable, but so many of these threads are literally about the exact same topic.


That is my point, thank you.

But if people want to create more discussion here are a few ideas (about Roman DLC) that we haven’t hit enough yet:

Too many units
Too few units
Too many new civilizations
Too Few civilizations
Too much Gamma saturation
Not enough Gamma saturation
Too many colors
Not enough colors
I may not like it (based on my lack of confirmed knowledge)
I may like it (just because)
The sky is blue
The water is not blue enough
Too expensive
Too cheap
May give me a headache
Won’t cure my hemorrhoids
My dog may pee on the carpet


Maybe if we all start our own topic about the DLC we may exhaust all the possibilities…

Or just a CRAZY IDEA :bulb: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We Can Wait and See What They Come Up with… Just Crazy I know, but it could work in a perfect world.


Yes, because doing the unexpectable and coming up with something “the community didn’t think of yet” has worked great so far. There’s is nothing wrong with taking suggestions from the community, if anything, it’s a sign the community likes it.

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What if we as a community started using the “Quote” feature to make it easier for all to follow any discussion???

I can see that after 100 replies it gets confusing to discern who you are replying to, especially when we have diverted so far from the original post.

That may help to just have 3 to 5 Discussions on any main subject, and not have to repeat the same statements on over 60 different discussions on the same subject…

But I know the answer, it is Just A CRAZY IDEA :bulb:

Now that they put the AOE2 Romans for sale in the DLC description, they cannot go back on that. Unless maybe making them free, though the DLC buyers would probably ask for a compensation.

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I guess I am doing something right, several of my comments that just number the amouth of discussions on the Roman DLC haven “Flag” hidden… LMAO :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Imagine, having the romans, AND SOMEONE makes a skin changer for the Legion to look like from age of empires 1. AHH JUST TAKE MY MOOOONEEEYYY

There’s the skin that changed champions to Age 1 legions. Grab those files and rename them

I know and I was using it, but I want to make it official, u feel me ? <3

You can publish that mod. Maybe it will count to the Roman posts count, too

So far 79 discussions…

We are doing great, 21 more to go.


Apparently more people are asking the same question

Good Job, keep asking and we for sure ger to ove 100 discussions beating the ROR to death before the realease. :blush::+1: