How many RoR topics are there gonna be?

The first Return to Rome thread was removed due to leaks and the second one has served as a hub for RoR speculation until it all branched out into numerous other threads.


1850 more threads, more or less I don’t have the exact tables in front of me.

How exactly bored does one has to be to complain about people creating threads on a fan forum after the reveal of a new product? Is this your first forum experience?


That’s what happens when there’s too few mods. The aoe4 forum was worse with endless ottoman spam complaints

How bored do you have to be?? :joy::joy: Hypocrite of note

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Please don’t quote unfinished making it seem they said something different than they did

How am I ‘bored’? How does writing what I did make me a ‘hypocrite’? You don’t even seem to know the meaning of that word. If anything- I’m in a state of equal curiosity and bewilderment from what I read.

I’m not the one complaining about people discussing a game on an official forum dedicated to discussions about a game. I’m just asking a question how does one is bothered by it and openly complains that players, fans, customers dare to engage in numerous discussions.

So, it is in fact your first forum experience? I meant you must’ve used at least Steam forums by now.

So far counting this one 79… but I expect to get over 100 before the release.

However, I don’t recommend counting them, because they upset people, but I am keeping count on my thread to avoid offending Non-couting-Math deficient people :blush:


Are you talking about the one where I was telling people I’d show them the leak in private? Because that’s the only one I can think of.

If a single person had posted all of these RoR threads, that person would have been banned for spamming. Obviously that’s not the case, but IMO the reduction in the quality of the forum lately has been nearly the same as if it was.

If someone has never participated in a forum that was well curated and/or where the community had strong internal restraints, I can understand why they might consider this normal. But it diminishes my enthusiasm to participate in the discussions, and where I do, I frequently have to repeat things that I’ve said in several other threads. And I’m surely missing interesting and relevant pieces of the discussion as I don’t have the desire to sift through six dozen threads for. The one upside I can think of is that it’s at least a very visible sign of how controversial RoR is, and I hope the devs take note of the feedback. Anyway, this isn’t a huge deal, mainly just a small, even somewhat amusing nuisance that will eventually blow over.

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There’s plenty to talk about with the DLC without duplicating topics. Trying to have a conversation about one aspect of the DLC amidst everyone also having discussions about their own most interested aspect would be extremely hard to follow in only one topic.

Microsoft moved Age of Empires into Age of Empires II: DE and now the Age of Empires II community will have to put up with us Age of Empires fans. :wink:

There is, but people are duplicating topics anyway, or at least making extremely similar threads where the vast majority of the conversation converges on themes that have been repeated in dozens of other topics. That doesn’t completely get solved with fewer, longer threads, but that would at least make the forum more legible and avoid some of the mass repetition we’re seeing in many largely convergent threads.

Yes, well this will certainly require adjustments. Ideally the AoE1/RoR side should get its own subforum though.

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I agree that would be nice