How many times we have to open topic before you fix this early leaving system

I really wondering this, teammate leaves the game and we have to wait to not get banned and we still lose points after that. What is the logic in this system ? More then 2 years passed after first realise but no changes, no fixes, nothing. Tons of topics,messages and nothing changes.


do you have an idea for a better system?

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-Game can detect early leaver and just punish him. not all the players.
-lobby system for drops, player can rejoing is the dropped.
and more


How does this works? This statement is vague to me.

There is already a lobby.

  • Game can detect first lever
  • Like voobly

I might have had posted too quickly. I can see how you punish only the first leaver. I see that change as a good idea. But with a small side note: For premades it should count for the full premade. Otherwise premades can still exploit the system by just leaving first one by one (which give them 4 freebees to leave).

Voobly was trash compared to ranked. So “Like voobly” doesnt really mean much to me. I am glad we now have ranked. You will get a new game much more quickly and on average it is more balanced.


-These are small details, its can be fixed
-It does not need to be exactly the same with voobly but voobly’s rejoins system were fixing most of the disconnection.

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So if I’m in a premade, and my ally legit crashes, the 3 of us still need to wait 5 min (wasting 5 min of our opponent’s time)?? (35min total)

Yet if I’m in a random team, then it’s suddenly ok not to waste people’s time? What about half and halfs? The 2 randoms can quit. The remaining team mate MUST stay, and the opponent’s have to wait?

That first guy to drop is still going to get punished regardless. Why punish the SEVEN other players??? Even then, does the current system even fix the problem? You can STILL map dodge, it just takes slightly longer, or the very minor inconvenience of setting up an alt account

Took me about 15 min to set up an alt account with all the mods, it takes less than 3 min or so to switch between alt account and fire up the game and search for a new match

There’s literally nothing stopping trolls from gaming the system, while the system punishes team mates unnecessarily (and indirectly their opponents)

It was a lazy, inaccurate fix, for something that still happens


lets keep this topic on top maybe they found a solution.

Why would bothering them on a forum they probably don’t really read help them magically find a solution? I just fail to see the logic.

They implemented the same system on aoe4, at first they thought it would be perfect, some guys were proud of it, then the game went to the lows 5k average players per day, if it wasn’t cause the heavy cut in price and discounts aoe4 would have hit 3k peak players this month.

The main point is, despite the game we talk, that the system heavily pushes the active players away by trying to force them to play maps they don’t want, while you can make it work for 1x1, for team games there is no consensus for 8 players on what to play and everyone ends up playing megarandom or another niche map that isn’t competitive or fair.

Casual players exist-they play whatever as in their levels they have plenty time to play sims and they don’t know how easy a match can end by an unfair map or someone not playing the meta.

Solo players exist- and they are the majority, this spectrum of players have been left in the dust since the implementation of match making, with poor excuses such as “don’t play solo”, “go and meet some friends to play with”, “go host a lobby”,etc, this part of the community has been silenced by the same community that happens to play with friends and never experience some of the issues that the solo players have, any logical human can easily understand how the current match making doesn’t work for solo players as there is not consent for 8 different players about which maps they want or they don’t want to play, cause even if 7 players want to play one map they just need one guy banning the map for the rest, forcing everyone in that game to play the less desired option in a non competitive map.

Stackers exist- this faction has ruled the top of the of the tg ladder since day 1, they control the maps compared to solo players as they can ban up to 4 maps instead of one, we don’t even need to talk about superior team work and communication, they have always had an unfair control over the maps.

The answer for solo players is to create ranked lobbies or create an exclusive match making queues for one or two maps, so they don’t have to struggle with he current system and being denied to play the maps they really want to spend their time.

Casual players are in fact the lowest elo players, a ranked lobby wouldn’t affect the match making queue times for low levels as they are fine playing anything most of the time, a ranked lobby would improve the quality of the game for mid to high levels, where currently high level players have to snipe each others using spectator dashboard to find even matches.


do you have a source?

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if it is not a premade team, only the early quiter will lose elo and the rest of the team will not lose elo

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You know you can just go to aoe2. net and browse ongoing games, check some games going and verifying some names, then their profiles and latest matches, then you will see they are not playing with friends(same nicks) most of the games you might find, do this about 5-10 mins, go even more rigorous and do the same at different time zones and days, then come back and tell me if i am wrong. Sometimes the data has to be taken on the field by manual research.

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if you make the claim, you should supply the data.
I am not sure what the ratio is, that’s why I’m not making any claims about them

EDIT: looking at player 1 from 10 different games, 6 were playing premades exclusively, 3 looked like random single queue, 1 looked like they did some premades and some single queue.
Methodology: on, look at the first game in the list of ongoing matches, pick player1 (or player with lowest number if nobody is blue) look at the profile.

10 games is of course a pretty small sample


Ummm… it’s not just the first player to quit who should be penalise. All quitters should be.

A few months ago I dabbled with multiplayer matches. (I’d only ever played single-player games). Gotta say, it was pathetic. Everybody would quit before they were conquered. It was like, “I’m gunna lose, time to bail”. Even worse, it often felt like people were thinking “I’m the last to age up, no point proceeding”. Every match I played ended with 6 of the 8 players quitting and me getting smashed by a superior opponent (I’m not bitter about the losing part, I’m frankly a bad and slower player, I deserve to lose). But after a weekend of matches where 75% of players gave up as soon as things didn’t go their way, I gave up multiplayer. What a dumb and pointless experience. You can keep debating how to impose structural change, but it really comes down to a (seemingly quite large) community of poor sportsmen who’d rather quit and lose respect than hang in there and lose their elo status.

Unpopular opinion: get rid of ranked matches altogether and it’ll go a long way to fixing this community behaviour. (Now watch everyone come for my blood having suggested such a desecration of the game).

Anyway, multiplayer completely sucks and I’m just gunna stick with battles against the AI in single player and co-op campaigns. It never quits.

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Community concensus has been for a long time that you should resign when it is clear you have no meaningful way of winning as to not waste people’s time. If you don’t like this you would likely need to play with friends or against the AI.


Yeah, but there’s a difference between quitting when there isn’t a way back, and quitting because you made it to Feudal 2 mins after everyone else.

I had no idea. Probably everyone was annoyed with me for holding out and not quitting. If that’s the expectation (and who am I to object?) then multiplayer definitely doesn’t sound like the place for me. But also, if this is the consensus the community has come to, then it sounds like premature quitting is a problem of your own making. Will structural changes to the lobby really solve anything?