How Powerful Would Onager Elephants be?

Basically has the same HP and armour stats of Ballista Elephant. But it has an onager on it’s back instead. You now have a unit that can be healed by monks, has high HP and fire deadly blasts of stones at your enemy.

So, we seems to be getting OP units in the future with the Lord of the West DLC. I thought this would be a funny thread to make.

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pls don’t give them more ideas


no they don’t need ideas from us. They just borrow ideas from AOEIII


I mean ballista elephants would sound strong as well if they didn’t exist already.

Doubt theyd be that amazing considering theyd have lower range (Like ballista elephants do compared to scorpions)

Overall issue with backline units having high HP, low range and low speed is that you’re just wasting resources on stats you won’t use unless you take a bad fight.

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Bhutan(Thunder Dragon Empire for much cooler name):
-Have access to Mangonels in Feudal and Onagers in Castle Age.
-They don’t need to drop of wood (but lumberjacks work slower)
-Villagers can garrison to Military buildings (Barracks, Stables, Archery Ranges.
-Battle Elephants attack %10 faster

Unique unit: Onager Elephant, in castle age it’s Mangonel elephant elite version is Onager Elephant

Unique tech: Mountain Elephants (+3/3 armour), double stones (mangonels and onager elephants fire double amount of stones)

Team bonus: Mangonels has +1 Range

(Just kidding, this is OP)

The whole point of onagers is that they deal crazy damage, but they are very easy to kill. Their current balance is critical to the game, down to the last HP point.

An Onager Elephant would be the most OP unit to have ever lived… even 1 or 2 of these units could dominate the battlefield. Perhaps it would be ok as a Cheat Code lol…

Sorry, but I hope this never happens. You may as well wonder what happens if you make Paladins that are inmune to Pikes, or if you invent Teutonic Huskarls with 10/10 armor ratings.


No one ever mounted an Onager on an elephant, the device is just too big, and has a tendency to jam or misfire if wobbled around, like when the elephant walks.


Meh. It’s weak compared to the bombard elephant. Longer range. Takes out buildings. Has lots of hp. Its basically a mobile trebuchet

Why these kind of fixation with mounting things on elephants?


Self-moving weapons platforms were a military dream and engineering challenge for thousands of years.
They would allow large, static weapon systems, that could fire multiple projectiles (either in barrage or by a repeater mechanism) or much larger anti-wall projectiles; the benefits of mobility and repositioning, which was the greatest limiting factor for the efficiency of these types of weapons.

Strapping a small Ballista or Cannon on an Elephant, avoided the issues that come around from wagon-mounted variants (the horses can be detached from the wagon, which will either rend it immobile, or turn itself into an expensive and ineffective projectile, that will kill it’s own crew), while also giving it a good firing height and a sturdy and stable platform.

The Ballistae and Cannon mounted on elephants, were much smaller than those ferried around by soldiery and horses, but they did not have to remain static in order to operate, and could attack on the move, which was a considerable advantage, if you look at how many well fortified hills and fortresses were taken in History, just because one side had less fire coverage and the Cavalry juts showed up there.

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A mounted Samurai or Samurai+Paladin please. 11

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A Samurai Paladin stones thrower mounted in a War Elephant


I refer to in-game fixation.with elephants, count that they are not really eficients units in most common games…

Maybe because elephants are a “charismatic” animal, that people like in real life, like pandas, wolves and lions.


Are you proposing a Samurai mounted in a Lion? xD

I have good/bad news for you.
That unit exists in AoE3.

Well it’s not that OP though because there are a bit more cannons available in that game but it’s still one of the best Artillery units in the game because of the mobility and hitpoints.

Catapults and cannons drawn by elephants were a thing though. Makes a lot of sense because those are heavy and required a lot of horses in other places.

Bombard elephants? They have nothing to do with an onager type unit, and AoE3 works different enough from AoE2 that you can’t really copy paste such a unit.


This will be OP because:
a. 7 range Mangonels in Feudal Age kills all. Reduce the range.
b. 8 range Onager in Castle Age is good but since Onager are able to cut trees, this would be an OP civ on BF, provided one is able to afford the upgrade.

I guess your inspiration was Double Crossbow which is also an Imperial Age tech, and to be honest this will be quite a mediocre tech because secondary projectiles do not have an attack value.

Assuming you are doubling the number of total projectiles (n) and not secondary projectiles (n-1)
Mangonels have 5 secondary projectiles, Onagers have 7 and SO have 9.

If you use attack ground, secondary projectiles are wasted. In standard attack, secondary projectiles deal 1 damage always, because they have no attack but the minimum damage dealt has to be 1.

So that means +5, +7 or +9 situational attack on a unit which as 40+5(+1), 50+7(+1) and 75+9(+1) attack already. (+1) is for Chemistry.


It was a joke.

I don’t know if it’s possible but in Double Crossbow tech second projectile damages half. I thought a extra projectile damages half. I know just one stone does the main damage and others just for looking nice (1 damage isn’t that important).

Every secondary projectile has different stats. The second projectile for Mangonel line has blank attack, but secondary projectiles of Chu Ko Nu and Kipchaks (they have same) has 3 pierce + 0 melee attack.