How powerful would this civ bonus be

The idea is that units, buildings, and techs have no upfront cost but instead the resource is drained continuously throughout it’s creation. instead of a villager costing 50F it will drain 2 food per second for the duration of the villagers creation. If the you are out of resources the production will simply stall. you also would need a unique UI in order to display info like drain rates and how much res you will be left with in the end. The most powerful ability is to click up early which would need to be removed. This might not be as powerful in feudal age since you not without enough Eco to really accomplish which a problem Malay can face but without two extra villagers. Also nice QOL feature to be able to instantly queue 25 vills


I reckon not very strong

Pairing it up with a good tech would be how you make this bonus powerful (eg paladin, siege onager, siege ram). Your bonus would make it far easier to tech these at better timings since you don’t need to save up the full price before you start teching.
It’s a creative bonus that changes your playstyle so I’m a big fan. And the fact that it’s not (apparently) op allows you to add more firepower to the civ with other bonuses (like tatar individual bonuses for example not being insane on their own)

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@emarz4697 suggested this, at least for techs, in this thread:

I think it’s an interesting concept. Stuff like this is out-of-the-box, but not too gimmicky, so I consider it a decent contender for a future civ’s bonus.


Sounds like a pretty nice bonus, similar to the “no building requirements” and the QoL part of “no gather point farms” from khmer.

You can age up quicker to feudal and put down the archery ranges early. You have an easier time with farms. A 3 or 4 TC boom is easier to pull off as well as castle drop.

And of course you can make a huge production queues as every queued unit costs 0 resources, as well as click the upgrades early while not having all required resources.

So a lot of work you can save a lot of micro, as lijg as you are not to greedy (then it backfires pretty hard as you wont afford anything)

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Not strong for us, but I see some pros that could abuse it.

The issue I see is the villager queue. Whilst this bonus allows you to get easier constant production, you need to track your food income at all time to decide what units you can constantly produce.
If you do it well you can have some absurd food savings that would allow you to have way less idle time with your tcs than you would usually have. But if your eco setup and your queue is off, you would get even more idle time than currently.

If it’s for an Archer civ it will probably cause less issues as archers don’t need food to be production it can potentially be utilized by non-pro players aswell.

But I think because it’s so heavily depending on your macro skills to make effective use of it… I don’t think it’s a good idea to add as a civ bonus.
Maybe as an Imp UT.