How To Add Additional Ages/Eras?

I’ve done a smidge of mdlding around other scenes and I’ve just been starting to get into the Advanced Genie Editor; I have some ideas for sort of an overhaul but think it’d be be better if elements of the core game + alterations were more spread out.

Here’s the question:
I’m really struggling with the editor to comprehend a unique Age. I want to add another Age if anyone has any suggestions, sources, or instructions about how to do that? The material on this seems close to nonexistent and despite digging has left me more confused (trying to examine the 5th Age mod and alike).

As an additional bonus, could someone better explain to me the ages/age techs in the editor to give me a better understanding (weird mixing of castle, middle, feudal but misunderstood mismatching)?


check out AOE Golden DE’s mod.

@LiningGull724 has added several ages in his mod

I’ve looked through that dat 's file and it doesn’t seem to connect what I’m going for (it tiers up the Imperial age rather than unique or sand wiching in a redundant age upgrade tier) and when when I’ve made attempts to copy and modify the essential elements it just locks up the game, unless there is something I am missing here.

There is so little out there on the topic that I thought it’d be a nice ask to have on a thread.

what little out there, as I said, are basically 5th Age mod from past versions of AoE2 and similar imports to DE with little changed on it. Like a copy paste of mod intent of later progressions rather than how to manage add more in the middle or how to better manage past ages without completely rearranging the .dat file and then spending hours chasing done the rearrange to add the DLC ever time one comes around. I still expect some work input…

porting datamod from old game to new modified aoe2 engine is almost not possible. game reads different registry different because of many new civs and mechanics been added and modified.

and honestly, new age in the end is just a new technology and im sure you realized that. so its something else deeper thats missing from the new tech that you’re looking for, and unless u mention what those are we won’t know