How to beat cannon galleon in Oasis?

Ive seen videos about cannon galleons in Oasis, I did those troll strategies with friends before, but theoretically there is no way to end a game on Oasis if the victory condition is conquest right? The only thing that can range elite cannon galleon is trebuchets, but they can be sniped easily when unpacking. Turk, Spanish and Portuguese cannon galleon are evn more difficult to kill. Obviously you can’t dock vs them either because they are cannon galleons. Is there a way to end the game if enemy park some cannon galleons in middle of oasis?

Destroy the dock and send hundreds of vills to build your to get it up fast and repair while training your demos or fire ships

Im not really sure what you are refering to and if this post is serious or trolling.

Im gonna assume you mean that someone loses an oasis game, but builds a dock before loosing all land eco and creates a few, maybe even 20++, canon galleons.

If so, just kill his remaining land eco, delete your army (maybe keep a few monks and trebs), mass vills, get architecture+treadmill crane (not needed, but helpful) and build 40 docks at once.

That sounds like a method. Not sure if it works, like a 4v4, so many cannon galleons that one shot the docks, it is still pretty tricky

yes archers beat cannon galleons with micro.

Many of your threads find an answer by typing your question into Youtube in case you didn’t know.

archers, or try converting with monks

Elite cannon galleon has 15 range. What,archer has 15 range

Those outranges monks

I think you need timurid siegecraft Trebs.

Why ? don’t trebs have at least 16 range and non turk ECG at most 15 range ?

If you manage to clear eerything on land, you can easily destroy the docks without losing your trebs. Trebs cannot be sniped if you only use them to destroy the docks

Then if there are enough resources on the map, you can easily mass any ranged unit and throw them at the same time tobdestroy the ECG. And maybe try to micro some BBCs in the backline, then the opponent will likely have to focus on them.

The key point should be to destroy dock and to throw enough army, as the DPS of ECG should be pretty low, due to low fire rate and low number of kill per shot. It should even be possible to dodge non spanish EGC pojectiles if there are not too many of them. But the more there are, the easiee it should be to clean up land units.

Just make some monks

I can assure you that this definitely isn’t it!

Nah, it isn’t used a fail safe griefing kind of thing. They literally play for that position because spanish cannon galleons are nearly impossible to kill

Did you at least check his historial game, get the replay and see it for yourself?

I really love that strategy. Thats what make RTS really have strategy instead of always boring standard building order

What about monks Bombard Cannons they deal 100 damage and without the enemy using attack ground they should be able to close the distance with no issue same with monks.

They don’t range the Cannon Galleons. Only trebuchets do.

If the enemy has no land units left, you could also just go AFK and wait it out. 11

Do you need to outrange them though Cannon Galleons have a much larger hitbox and there projectile is 25% slower

Yes, because otherwise you can’t reach them. The problem is that Cannon Galleons outrange everything but trebs (which they can snipe) so you can’t even get to attack them if you were in range.

Spanish Cannon Galleons are especially rough to deal with, because their projectiles are fast too.

Cannon Galleons lack Ballistics and even with Arquibus their projectile moves 3 tiles per second you can easily out micro that but yes spanish are an exception

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