How to change elephants behaviour?

Hi! I knowthe basics of modding, using AGE3, but I had an idea and wanted to figure out how to do it.

It’d be cool to make elephants really strong, but whenever they start losing HP, there’d be a chance for them to be transformed again into wild elephants, attacking all players. This would represent the rider beeing shot or the animal going crazy since it’s hurt. This happened in ancient warfare and it was the main disadvantage of elephants. I think this could be done in scenarios with triggers, but what about normal game?

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That’s impossible in the AoE2 engine.

make the dead unit into wild elephant, just like the konnik death works. the wild elephant will be a gaia unit, you can classify it as predator similar to other wild animals like wolf, tiger, leopard etc. This should make the animal aggressive against weak units such as villager, militia, spearman etc.


You can only make this work by use of Triggers in a single scenario. I like your idea and may give it a shot in a future scenario.