How to create new icons for my custim campaigns?

You can use this link to get it and will update sometimes.Website below:website )

Its some Baidu thingie? How do you just download the folder?

It is the final product.It was made by smxwork+photoshop,materials from the officials.@PeakHornet46539

Did you get the files?

Couldn’t download them :frowning: Could you share them with me please?

Write me your email address. I will send them to you. There are so many icons, so I will use many emails.

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Can you share a Google Drive link? I can download it to save you trouble. But make the link downloadable by anyone.

You can leave your email below I will send you.

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I will try to PM you. How come its not possible?

Can you say more clearly,I cannot understand what you say.

*private message you. Maybe you can send me a message and I can reply to you


I found your email in my email detail,I send it to you in zip and you can try to download it,

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