How to create new icons for my custim campaigns?

Hi there. I recently downloaded a custom campaign about Nagy Lagos and I saw that the icon in the layout is that of a Magyar Hussar.
How can I do the same thing for my custom campaigns?

You need to edit the json file about the campaign map.

I am talking about creating new icons. Not using the pre-existing ones.

Hi you must use the smxworkshop to take it from the game. If you want the icon like that, leave the email to you,I will send 1600+ icons to you.It is 30times more than the poor officials.

My email is

Sorry, wrong. My email is

I have sent,please check.

Thanx but when I download it, it’s just a blank file, that does nothing.

OH?I will sent again.

I still get the same file. In the internet broswer it is shown that I have downloaded a program, but in my pc downloads it’s a blank file. Are you sure that this is the only way to send me the file?

Why I send this documents to catscientist but he can download it with no problem,I have checked and download my zip document from the email,all is right no error,I think your email or some else have prevent the transportation.OR can you give the screenshot for me maybe I can detect the problem where happen.

Well it seems that the problem is solved. I tried a third time to download it and I made it. Took me a few minutes, while in the first two times it took almost an hour. I have all I need now. Thanx for all the help.

If you have any question on using or materials,please call me through email,I will respond to you if I have time.

I can’t enter my email. So here is the problem:

  1. I have created a 4-scenario campaign and wanted to use the Saladin layout. I tried to make it by copying the structure of the Nagy Lagos campaign, which also has 4 scenarios. Copying the structure of another campaign (and making the necesary changes) has wroked just fine with my other 2 custom campaigns. I can’t seem to make it work. The slides work fine.

  2. What I noticed in this new attempt is that the colour of all the letters is black, while in the others there are two. I can’t understand what is wrong.

I cannot determine where your question is,you had better read the turtorial on steam I have sent you website to find the answer, in your words,it is probably the json grammar error.You can check it on this website to modify your code.JSON在线校验格式化工具(Be JSON)

Thanx. Anyway, I solved the problem by taking the original file and saving it as a different name. I have another question. How do I enlarge the icons and how do I bring them closer to the names of the scenarios?
I have used GIMP to upscale them and it works in theory. Meaning that when I open the images, they are bigger, but they are not bigger in the layout of the map.

You can change the image size because it has the xorigin and the yorigin for the files. You can modify these parameter I mentioned it above through the turtorial,the turtorial can tell you all you need. The phase II-06 is your answer.You do not need to change your png bigger or smaller, only need to change the both xorigin and yorigin in image and viewport part,it is ok. Read the turtorial carefully,it is the most completed article tell you how to use json.

Yes. It works. Thanks for the help. I need your help in another matter though. I have two problems about my Viking Invasion of England campaign.

First a person is saying that the 3rd scenario is not working: clicking on the icon of the 3rd scenario takes him back to the second.

My campaign is working just fine though. Also, the layout is correct and when I open the scenario in the editor, I start the 3rd scenario. So, I can’t seem to find the source of the problem.

The second problem is that I can’t find the campaign in my mods tab, even though I have created it and I have subscribed in it. I have another custom campaign, which is ready, but I can’t upload any updates.

So, any ideas?

Hi @cly0806 @Jimakus21 , could you send me the unit icon files and let me know how to incorporate them into my game/mod?

Put an @ before someone’s username to notify them, like this @PeakHornet46539. It will still notify them if you reply, but you may as well do it if you are using their name.

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