How to debug/open aoe2mpgame file

Is there a tool (hex editor or similar) to read and possibly change saved game files?
Or at least, does somebody know how to read ao2mpgame files? Are they compressed, and what is the encoding used? Thx for any help in advance :slight_smile:

I played a mod campain enabling coop of a standard campaign. I created a saved game at a critical point.
Now we have issues to restore it. There is always the error, that we miss a players spot. Probably there is some issues with the colors/player numbers in the save.

I believe you will have to add the ai and the players in the exact order that they were in the lobby originally. It does matter as i think the game uses the player “index” value that is always 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 decending in the lobby where u set up the game, so player 1 will always be player 1, even if he chooses green which is 3 as far as colors go. I know this effects the way the game generates random maps in team games where diplomacy can change the shape of the map. If u want to recreate from a seed, you will have to set the players according to the order that they joined the lobby, set the diplo and color accodring and then the map will generate exactly like in the game u played, if u were for instance, trying to recreate a multiplayer map you played in a random game in the scenario editor so u could later change out players or restart a game from the beginning. I’ve noticed this quirk about the player numbers vs colors and it does matter what order they are listed in the lobby.