How To Edit SMP/SMX for AoE2 DE?

Is there a way to edit .smp & .smx files yet?

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There is also unofficial documentation of SMX and SMP. Those are currently being worked on.

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I’m aware. Many of those findings are my own.

[Edit] Oh, I thought this was a reply to me since I got an email response for it.
Looks like I need to edit my preferences…


Thank you for your immense contribution to the community. If it’s not much trouble, so many users are pm-ing me and requesting “advanced idle pointer” mod, Would you mind porting that mod from voobly or steam to DE?

Because I have tried myself as well as others to port it but to no avail.

FYI, the Advanced idle pointer has over 30k downloads and the original author is Dedpool.

Thank you so much

I’m not porting the one from HD, but I actually was going to do my own idle villager mod once I get exporting finished with my tool.

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Th pointer in-game seems rather small. Anyway to make it larger?

Yes it’s possible just wait until Ryan is done building the tool.

Anyone knows how to extract and save Images from AOE:DE SLP files or AOE2:DE SMX files? Without any magenta background.

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Yes! You do that using openage library on linux.
HERE: Request: Advanced Idle pointer

Using SLX Studio in the Graphics Viewer, turn off the background from the View menu.

Then save:

If you set up a slx_studio.ini configuration file for SLX Studio, you can have the background turned off by default using SlpMaskOnToggle=0.

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Hi Tevious, grateful if you could post a step-by-step guide on how to make a SMX file from PNG graphics without any shadows or outlines which have a white background. I think it would help everyone here too :slight_smile:

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First of all, don’t use white or black backgrounds. You want background colors that are unique and not represented within the graphic, otherwise you could have unwanted “holes” in your sprite. I haven’t had time yet to make new tutorials, but I have some older ones (from beta) on making SLPs that should cover some of the basics. See here.

do you guys know which smp/smx file for aoe2de contains the new building, units and eye candy icon? and how to get the genie editor to load specific smx file?

What do you exactly mean by this? SMX files are here - “AoE2DE\resources\_common\drs\graphics”

Yorok0, do you know how to add custom unit icons to the game? I added some in .dds form but they can’t be read. :o

@PeakHornet46539 how did you even go about adding picture into the .dds file? this is what I would like to know too, looking to add custom icon.

You can decompile .smx files back to .sp readable form online at