How To Edit SMP/SMX for AoE2 DE?

Is there a way to edit .smp & .smx files yet?

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There is also unofficial documentation of SMX and SMP. Those are currently being worked on.

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I’m aware. Many of those findings are my own.

[Edit] Oh, I thought this was a reply to me since I got an email response for it.
Looks like I need to edit my preferences…

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Thank you for your immense contribution to the community. If it’s not much trouble, so many users are pm-ing me and requesting “advanced idle pointer” mod, Would you mind porting that mod from voobly or steam to DE?

Because I have tried myself as well as others to port it but to no avail.

FYI, the Advanced idle pointer has over 30k downloads and the original author is Dedpool.

Thank you so much

I’m not porting the one from HD, but I actually was going to do my own idle villager mod once I get exporting finished with my tool.

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Th pointer in-game seems rather small. Anyway to make it larger?

Yes it’s possible just wait until Ryan is done building the tool.