How to edit the Janissary 50% ranged debuff?

im trying to make a mod and tweak Janissaries
is there is a way to get rid of the 50% increased damage taken from ranged attacks?

You do it from here:

Thanks for reminding that there was a nerf like this for Janissary unit in Ottoman Empire. I will update my Conquest Mod soon with no nerf version^^.

Thank you , i will take a look,

Good luck with your mod

update: it didnt work, it seems that it effect just the UI
any idea how to change unit type? maybe make it same type as generic hand cannons

In some cases it works; but AOE4 developers don’t let us to access some certain data in the Content Editor. For example, there is a grand bazaar in Ottoman Civilization, I increased the capacity from 6 to 20 and I get 140 gold for 20 trader inside of the grand bazaar that I decreased the population cost of the trader units too and I can build multiple grand bazaars in the age progress phase that I limited it to 12.

My biggest problem is this pre-cached red box visual error. A feature I applied works sometimes while using other civilization visuals etc but then suddenly, I get that pre-cached red box visual error for no reason and I don’t know the cause of it or how to solve that problem too…

When you change the visuals of a model, it takes the characteristic of the existent model, even you don’t change anything on that different civilization archer except the tier_ext for visuals :frowning:

I hope that AOE4 developers will fix these main issues that we wait for months to get an answer and solutions to see these problems are fixed; but thy don’t care Content Editor problems so far…

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yeah they definitely gave less attention to modding lately, even tho it what keeps the game interesting, mods is only reason i still play this game

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