How to enable relic bonuses to every civ with Genie editor?

Hey, guys. I want to create a mod with relic bonuses for every civ. In the tech tab of Genie Advanced Editor, I found relic bonuses for Lithuanians and copied them and insert copy. Changed the civ of the new relic bonuses tech to ‘-1 Any’ then assigned them customized effects. I noticed the order of required tech. For example, id of my relic bonuses tech are 901 (relic 1 bonus), 902 (relic 2 bonus), 903 (relic 3 bonus), 904 (relic 4 bonus). I set 902’s required tech to 901, 903’s required tech to 902 and 904’s required tech to 903. But when I played game with the mod, my relic bonuses didn’t take effect. How to fix this? Thank you very much.

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Those techs are hardcoded, but I did actually discover a way to make it work. You need to remove the effects for those techs, and make them universally available. And then you need to set up new techs like this:

Where the first required tech is one of those four, and the second required tech is a civ specific unlock, such as a unique tech. And that should work.


bravo, it works.
Just like a hardcoded unit upgrade to another unit, a hardcoded tech upgrade to another tech also works~

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Thanks. But I tried it out. It didn’t work. Here are my settings:

You haven’t set it up quite right. That 901 tech needs to have a second required tech that is civ specific.