How to fix dragging

I’ve been wanting to play this game again, however I can’t stand the scroll controls. I’m used to dragging controls, and even the legacy behavior has issues (it can only use right click, and is inverted). I can’t seem to find any way to fix those issues, and no mods that would let met customize those. Is it possible to either alter some config file to inverse the direction of legacy dragging (maybe by using a negative speed?) or even to create a mod that would let me do that? (I can learn how mods are made for AoE2 if it’s possible, as I’m a developer).


I do not really have a solution for your request but here is another thread that’s also about scrolling: Drag Scrolling?

I saw that topic, but it doesn’t really talk about the fact that the dragging is in the wrong direction, more that they would like to change the keybinding.