How to Fix Mongols

Trying to keep some ideas at the top of the forums for the devs even if a bit repetitive. I think at this point everyone agrees that there are two universal, non civ killing things that need to be done for next patch:

  1. Ovoo nerf - options are to push to next age, have output scale per age, or up wood cost. My personal favorite of these options is to up wood cost, this will help nerf (delay) the tower rush meta while still preserving the unique civ option of going in on dark age pressure or instant fuedal pressure.

  2. Kahn nerf - options are to penalize in some way kahn death, or decrease base attack/range. I could go either way. I do think health regeneration of the kahn and scouts needs to go away. To penalize Kahn death could tie to charging for new kahn or to aging up. For attack/range, maybe force charging for upgrades.

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this ideas suck, have you ever played mongols?

Nah, Relic gonna keep doing their baby step nerf to the Mongols, then maybe 10 or 15 patches later Mongols would be finally OP no more. YAY


The Mongols are Relic’s own son, so…


Lol have you played mongols, everyone agrees that Ovoo and Kahn are OP. At least explain why you think they are bad ideas and why the changes would hurt balance.

Mongols highest win rate, worst games to watch for pro matches, and only civ with a plus 50% win rate in team matches when everyone on same team chooses same civ

Khan is OP vs villagers!!! I suggest khan keep all their current stats and abilities BUT lose the ability to shoot arrows at villagers and instead gain a melee attack vs villagers. Alternatively reduce the khans range attack to basically melee range vs villagers.

Next the ovoo is not the problem at all. The free Stone generation of 105 stone per minute is equalivant to 2.5 ish base villagers and if you consider the 150 wood initial cost, that makes it not cheap!!

The real issue related to the ovoo is the power spikes!! Specifically double production plus one of the 2 units is essentially free!! Other civs have double production capabilities and free resources, but no other civ has BOTH as early as mongols!!! I argue the double production que time should be changed until castle or a late feudal upgrade similar to delhi sacred site 8min technology.

My suggestions is:
Dark Age military double production que times should be equal to 1.75× standard que time for a single unit.

Fedual Age/Castle Age:
Double que times reduce to 1× standard que times for a single unit. Or 1.2× times if the above is too strong.


A other idea instead of the suggested ovoo nerfs is to remove 1 to 2 villagers from the starting villagers mongols get. This would further offset the equalivant 2.5 vil they get from the ovoo… 2 is too harsh. Just remove 1 villager.

In 5 minutes that 1 less villager is worth 200 resources. That’s enough to afford a second military facility and potentially match double production.

Heck I think the one less villager start is a much much easier fix and trial!!

  1. Khan killing your sheep is the worse thing. Sheep should not die easily to khan damage.

  2. Ovoo cost increase is the valid option. Make it 200 wood or 250. Its not stone that is the problem. Its double production. If they had single production other civs can still counter tower rush. Its just that Mongols out-number your military even when making towers. If stone gather rate increases by age they will have much more stone gather rate in imperial causing late game issue.

  3. Yam network should only apply to army. The effect should immediately wear off once out of the zone.

  4. Gold gather rate should be +25% for age 3 landmark.

  5. Lastly I think we need to slightly reduce Khan speed. When your scout is low and Khan is attacking you, you have no option but to bring scout back to your base to end chase. But you can’t do the opposite. You can’t damage khan and force him to go back to base with your scout. I think if Khan’s speed is slightly reduced that scouts can catch-up and force khan to retreat it would be much balanced.


Mongol identity NEEDS to remain as an oppressive faction. They should be viewed as a threat that prompts all MUs against them to put opposing faction in defensive mode. Having said that THERE NEEEDS TO BE LEGIT RTS strategies that can defend against the Mongol pressure.

Khan needs to be stronger than a scout. Ovoo needs to give military advantages. The faction as a whole should have a military force that puts it a leg up above the rest… but… why is their economy above average???

Hopefully something is done soon because it’s personally extremely discouraging when I’m out playing someone but they eventually overwhelm me bc of overall civ bonuses

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mongolian new patch stats with 11% pick has 55% winrate >1500

Just nerfing the common siege units is enough.