How to increase the no. of arrows shot by the castle from 20 to 1000

I know using 50 castles one above another shoots 1000 arrows, but it is lagging the game very much. So is there any option that with a single castle I can shoot 1000 arrows?

increase the projectile count and max total projectiles. in scenario you use trigger to edit attributes, in datamod u change those specific fields to castle.

There is an attribute for projectile unit, projectice arc, projectile hitmode. The projectile unit isn’t working. And I dont see Maximum Total Projectiles. Please help me out.

What is technology stacking? Can we research arrow lists a 100 times? and make 200 arrows?

Hey!! Thank you all! I found it out we need to use two attributes Maximum total missiles and total missiles. It worked out I am able to shoot 1000 arrows :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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