How to make graphic mods?

I’m trying to replace the Cataphracts sprite with that of the Sogdian Cataphracts (or is it the Savar?). I already downloaded the required programs like Turtle, SLD Extractor, SLX Studio, SMX Workshop, & SLP Studio. Any idea how to do it in the current DE version of the game? Since almost all of the guides I read from AoKH are all from AoE HD era and most of them are already outdated since all the graphics files are in .sld format not .slp. Would appreciate the help, thanks.

You needed none of those tools. You just need to set up a new mod, then find the Savar graphics in the game files, copy them into the new mod location, find the regular Cataphract files, and recreate the names.

For example:
u_cav_hero_savar_attack_x1.sld would be copied into your custom mod, and renamed as u_cav_cataphract_attack_x1.sld
Just repeat that for all the different animations (and the x2 graphics if you use UHD) and it should be fine.


I think this depends on them having the same number of frames in their animations. I tried this once with something (I forget what now – maybe Hussar and Alaric), and since the numbers of frames didn’t match up, the unit didn’t always face the right way because it was combining the wrong frames for some of the animations.

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Oh yeah, that would be annoying. Fortunately for @Alexios732, they actually do have the same frame counts, so that won’t be an issue (I just checked in the Genie editor).


Wow, I didn’t realize it would be that simple, thanks I’ll try it right away. Btw, is it possible if I want to change a unit skin for just that one civ, for example Champions to William Wallace graphic skin for Byzantine only?

So how do I checked it in the AGE since AoE 2 DE files are now in .sld ?

Just to give an update, it works beautifully. I uploaded the mod too for those who wants to use it, thanks for the pointers guys.
My mod: Cataphracts to Savar Replacer

ok but I still have your same question can i make generic units change apperance but only for 1 civ?

Not without using a datamod.