How to set technology name / description using xs script

It seems that there is probably a way as this constant is defined

extern const int cAttrSetName = 7;

however the function xsEffectAmount accepts a float for value (and not a string)

so doing something like this just fails

xsEffectAmount(cModifyTech, 10, cAttrSetName , "Test", 1);

I suspect that the string needs to be set somewhere (using some undocumented function) and then referred to by an ID

Any idea on how this could be done ?

Hi @VisibleAnt2066 as you mentioned it accepts a float value which should be the string ID. Have a good day!

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Yes my question was how to define the String / String ID. Do we need to call a certain function or are strings defined in some other file.

There is probably a way to define custom strings directly in the script (without the need to edit language files). Any idea how to achieve this ?

Could you be referring to the key-value-strings file?
It’s in Steam\steamapps\common\AoE2DE\resources\ *language* \strings\key-value
You can add your own strings in a key-value-modded-strings-utf8.txt file in the same folder. If you do this, be sure to replicate this for every language. It’s no problem if you don’t, though, it will default to English

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As you can see in the image above, there is an option to set a String ID. And there seems to be a possibility to have an “inline” string.

Would be great if we have some function in XS to accomplish this

See what happens when you use a string ID that you know. For example, 5104 is “Huskarl”, 5276 is “Tree L”, 5820 is “12”, 6121 is “Train villager” and so on.

Has this been resolved ? Is there a way to set a string programmatically in the XS file ?