How to task a villager to build


How do I task a villager to build a building with trigger ?

The building fundation are placed with trigger too.

Thank for the help

To task a villager to build a building with triggers:

  1. Assign a villager as a builder.
  2. Place triggers to define the building’s foundation.
  3. Use the in-game menu to assign the building task to the builder in the trigger area.

I would get an AI script to do it, I never managed it with triggers.

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Yeah, it’s not possible with triggers to create a foundation and task a Villager to it. If it’s for an AI player, you can use an AI script to assign the Villagers (Direct Unit Control is useful for this).

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You can’t with triggers which is very silly imho given what you can generally do with triggers.

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You mean using DUC ?

Yes. As far as I’m aware, it’s the best way of doing it by a fairly significant margin, likely the only reliable way.

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