How would you buff the Khmer?

You start with a fresh Khmer civ unedited from AOE 2 2013. Note Khmer was considered the weakest civ in the game outside maps like black forest or michi. So, on standard maps, open maps like Arabia they were considered bad.

What economy bonus or other bonus would you give them?

For me it not worth to discuss a very old balance of a previous version of the game.

In the current state they are more likely to recieve some nerf.

See for example:

I don’t beleive Khmer was one of the worst civs, but rather underappretiated one. DE buffs to Khmer were substantial, but definitely not enough to bring a civ from triple F tier to A-S tier.
Todays Khmer have

  1. Hussars - an expensive tech that only gives you an advantage in late imp, and even then it’s nice, but not game changing.
  2. Faith - plain useless
  3. Improvement to farming rate. It’s ~3% or so, even for 2 layers of farms, resource trickle can be recalculated into extra food equal to “current number of farmers"x"carry capacity”/2, and that’s not too much either. We have seen that slavs survived 5% farming rate reduction and did not fall into obscurity. From that I conclude that Khmer farming bonus isn’t as game changing as everyone tells.
  4. Secondary bolt of ballista elephants affected by chemistry - plain useless
    But miss out on
  5. BE splash damage and EBE damage (partially negated by faster creation time)
  6. Bombard cannons

While I see why they are better now, I disagree that those changes alone made them such a strong civ. Anyways, I think that devs should have added the farming bonus first (since it’s the most flashed out one), see how impactful it is, and only then make further balance changes.

HD Khmer is not DE Khmer

They are totally different

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