Possible solution for Khmer farming bonus?

Hi guys, I wanted to know your thoughts about a possible solution for Khmer farm bonus OPness.

I’ve both read here and heard from a friend, that khmer don’t have one farm bonus but two:

i) they dont need buildings to deposit farm food
ii) they deposit the food instantly (vills dont carry food)

One possible solution is to eliminate ii) so vills still should have to collect the standard farm food before depositing it to the bank (10 / 13 with wheelbarrow / 20 with handcart).

So even though I cant tell if this is the final solution it also makes khmer more vulnerable to raids. Since in the current balance villagers don’t maintain food before depositing it, when khmer eco is being raided, they don’t lose food if the farmers are killed, giving another indirect eco boost.

But, if they are forced to keep the food as any other civilization, their vulnerability to raids is the same as other civs.

Do you guys think this could be a good fix?


please no. The food trickle is half the fun.


They farm slower than Slavs
They farm slower than Slavs
They farm slower than Slavs
They farm slower than Slavs
They farm slower than Slavs




Why not just attack something that is dangerous (BE speed and Tusk Swords) in a reasonable way (speed bonus reduced to 10% and +200 wood cost to Tusk Swords).


Based on?

Nope, that’s a bad idea
You intend to make Khmer a bad civ like it used to be? Just no

No, it’s gonna turn Khmer into the mediocre Version of it’s former self


Arent khmer finally balanced?


I think instead of Age of 3 like Khmer. ‘Villager can drop farming food to houses’ like bonus could be interesting

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Khmer FC into boom on Arena is pretty insane. Not many civs can match that, and the khmer farms really help.
Also teamgames.

Khmer is sometimes S-tier, and arguably all S-tier civs should be nerfed.

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keeping in mind not turning them worthless…


That’s why OP mentioned its 2 issues. The trickle in itself is a bonus. You don’t have to wait for that vil to load up their food to drop it off so you can click up if you’re lacking 1food. Multiple this by X number of vils that need to drop their food so you can do Y.

Its not a huge bonus. But it is a bonus over simple Harvest rate.

I still find it funny that there are conservatives here who want things to “stay the way they have always been” but will happily accept the khmer farm and the way it breaks two game mechanics (vil trickle, teleporting drop)

Why aren’t yall willing to accept any other game mechanic change? It’s almost hypocritical how some people are willing to accept something purely because it was the devs that have implemented it.

I can easily imagine the insults yall would lay down if the khmer farm didn’t exist and someone recommended it…


and arguably all S-tier civs should be nerfed

Why not making the other civs S tier?


Because we’re already in a situation where almost all strong civs have almost all important techs. The situation where an FU champions/Arb/Paladin is ‘meh’ is (to me) boring-er than the situation where an FU unit (or a unit just as good as an FU unit) is ‘good’, and unit missing 1 tech is ‘meh but still worth it’.

Also seeing the recent tier lists, balancing is really good! in Hera’s list there was only 1 C-tier civ (Portuguese) and there were only a half-dozen or so S-tier civs. We don’t need many more changes to make all civs A- or B- tier in most situations :slight_smile:
We’d need many more changes to bump everything into A/S tier.
(Though on water maps there are many civs which are deep in C-tier, that can’t be helped.)

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Yeah, they need a nerf. More wood for their farms is a better solution. Cost of farm increased by 10 wood or 15.

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I suggested this and is a bad idea

Why? Give them like 20 more food. Khmer in arena can do 13 min castle with 21 pop because they need just 3-4 on woods.

i like the idea of making them more vunearable to raids especially early on i mean they can keep the farms but what if they dont have loom for example? honestly they could still garison into houses or quickwall but it would weaken their early game but they remain strong in late

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Well good because that’s what they advertise in the tech tree, doesn’t change the fact that Khmer have a wider tech tree. Also can use that food for Elephants in late game while Slav late game isn’t that food heavy outside Hussars


also people drastically underestimate how good that trickle is. no more waiting for that food drop off to get the 1k food to go up to imp, just wait for it to trickle in.


Or Boyars and Infantry.