How would you like a 3x minimap toggle mod like this

I was hoping this can be implemented in Age IV. But now that I am inspired, I made a prototype like this.

The example given is of ludicrous size (480×480 tiles).

Basically, I put this together with objective menu, and you can have the original objective stuff and the 3x minimap together in the same screen. The minimap is live when in multiplayer, but you can’t navigate around the map.

I was thinking of putting it into the menu menu thing (aka, the menu you use to resign). But that menu got too many stuff hard coded and it doesn’t work well. If devs ever change it or even make this feature into the game, it would be nice.

So do you think this mod will be useful and do you want it to be uploaded? If not, I will just do something to suit my own set up instead of publishing a tuned one.

  • Yes
  • No

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