HRE building repair ability sometimes doesn't work

Just had a match where my Regnitz Cathedral was standing 1 house width next to my main TC. It got attacked to 50% but I wasn’t able to use the repair ability whatsoever. It said “no influence”.
I also noticed it in other games where though the building was outside of the original TC influence, it still was connected to several buildings that had access to the influence bonus.


Heres an example. The Palace is right next to my main town center, however I cannot use the Emergency Repairs as the game says it isn’t inside the Influence which is clearly wrong.

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Sometimes I use the Elzbach palace by the HRE and recently ran into a non-working feature, I wanted to repair this castle with quick repair skill, but the game simply does not see a nearby townhall, still demanded influence from it.

P.S. maybe someone already wrote about this problem, but I`ll create this topic anyway, because this is very annoying bug for my main nation

Do I understand correctly that you wanted to use the emergency repair while the Elzbach palace wasn’t in the influence area of a towncenter? Because if so, then it works as intended.

Or did you have a towncenter in the influence area? Then of course this is an issue.

Personally I haven’t encountered this problem so far.

I tried to use emergency repair while Palace was in influence area of a town center but it doesn`t worked

the emergency repair influence is created by both TCs and keeps, and elzbach palace is one of them, so it should have built-in option to use it

Age IV landmark Elzbach Palace can’t be repaired with emergency repair.
Its a keep.
Even within the range of main TC influence.
Sometimes other keeps and buildings have the same problem.
Example from other game, when Elzbach Palace is affected by TC (but not the main one) and still not able to use

@anon63664082 hmm similar 1

That is weird, because whenever I place a keep it doesn’t have it’s own influence indicator other than the one regular buildings get.

The Elzbach Palace has it’s 33% dmg reduction influence area, so I assumed it doesn’t get emergency repair.
I even saw in a showmatch that one of the devs placed down several buildings to extend the TC influence so that he could emergency repair a keep.

It didn’t work in the TC influence area, but the tech tree says keeps should generate their own influence for that ability

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  1. Build the Regnitz Cathedral in influence of the town center
  2. Damage the Regnitz Cathedral
  3. Regnitz Cathedral cannot use emergency repairs.

Thanks all! The team is looking into it. Appreciate the reports!