HUD shows selected units in enemy color

Game Version:

  • Build 34793
  • Platform: Steam


During a match today, the color of selected units were wrong during a portion of a game I played. Everything looked normal in dark and feudal age, but I think just as I reached castle age, I noticed that my selected archers and skirms showed up in blue in the bar below upon selection, whereas I was playing in red and the opponent was blue. I clicked or reselected a few times, but every time the color in the hud was blue. When the game was over, I returned from the statistics overview back to the map and found out that the issue was still there post-game. I took the following screenshot on post-game:

This game I also experienced a few speed rampings in which a few seconds of gameplay were squeezed into less than a second; a problem that started with the large January update for me. The startup screen directly before the game starts also took something like 20 seconds, showing the ready-checkmark next to only my name all the time. I know the speed ramping is a separate bug that might already be known, but I’ll just mention it because I can’t exclude that the color problem is linked to performance problems. In case it’s relevant: my internet is good and PC specs are recommended or better, except for my GTX750 GPU with 1 GB VRAM that runs at 100% usage in game.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Simply play a 1v1 game with standard colors.
  2. Possibly relevant steps, I cannot say:
  • Be player #2 in red (bug could be that it shows not necessarily the enemy’s color but just the first used color)
  • Advance to castle age
  • Play with 1 GB VRAM

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