Huge lags after the new patch

I just confirmed with two friends who have Intel and they don’t have the lag. One is on xbows store one is on steam.

It could be linked to the CPU type.

I have an Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU. I experience ‘stutter’. I wouldn’t quite call it lag. It may be that the bug is the same, but the effect differs based on CPU/GPU load.

The latest patch appears to have made the game unplayable on my laptop. Previously I could play campaigns no problem. Now I have “insufficient VRAM” and play has slowed to a crawl. Very dissappointing!

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Same problem, also offline play with AI

7 days - no fix yet?

Tonight there was a hotfix!

Who have played the game? Is this issue really solved in the hotfix?

It is fixed. Thank you!

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Still not fixed for me. Only getting like 3fps. Even in the start menu.


Seems like it’s a problem of your computer and not of the new patch, it works for most of the people.

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Thats your issue then, its working well for everyone else

Guys maybe don’t make blanket assumptions about “everyone” when there is lots of people still reporting issues.

Also it’s not my issue if the game works fluently on 36906 but not on the latest two. It’s clearly something broken in the update.

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The issue of this thread seems to be solved to me.

This issue, which also generates lag, is still not be fixed. So as long as i dont play those team games on the Brazilian server, it is fine for me.

Maybe this is also true for others that still experience lag.

The sluttering issue from the last week update is fixed. Work perfectly fine now

Not fixed for me. Last 3 games all crashed. First was a campaign (Into China) that crashed after 1 hour in game time, second one was a unranked UGC game, which lagged as ■■■■ for everyone and finally crashed after for me after ~20 mins, last game was a ranked TG that crashed after 10 minutes.
Blaming my PC would be easy, but sadly the game worked on previous versions, so that argument does not work, i guess?

Before hotfix I almost did not play, so maybe my experience is not completely correct, but Hotfix seems to have made it even worse (for me, not for rveryone as it looks)

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the game still bug even after the hotfix

This thread is about freezing every x amount of time. Crashes are different and you should report those together with system files if you want them them to know what happened.

The lagging in team games you talked about is likely someone with a potato pc thatc caused it. For another time, you can see it next to the names on the right bottom. When the icon is yellow or red someone is lagging the game because of a slow computer or internet

Can you describe what is bugging?

it lags in 1v1 too, some time i lose around 1 or 2 seconds of the game because the game is late on my opponent, so it’s accelerated to be in the same moment, but when it accelerates i can do any action. Sorry I’m not sure if my English is good enough to explain it well.

i was playing a lot before the hotpatch and it never happen before

I’m not sure if what you are describing is what is talked.about in this thread. I’ve played a hand full of team games since the hotfix and haven’t had any problems. If your issue isn’t like what it was before the patch, you might want to create a new bug report and explain what happens. (You can include a video which would make it a lot more clear)

Simply unplayable. Just another game which freezed and dropped because it couldnt connect to server midgame. Internet is fine (50mbps connection and no drops in ping).