Hunting as Canada (French) bug

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  • GAME BUILD #: V. 100.15.59076.0 P1
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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My settlers (French ones) werent hunting deer for the revolution card automaticlly. After finishing one deer deer, they didnt follow to get the other, and I had to do it manually.

On one hand, there were a lot of deer cramped into a walled up area; on the other, when i destroyed those walls to give them space to roam, the alleged bug still happened and i had to set them hunt manually again.

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Once (my last game). Second time ever revolting as Canada. Both games were played today and the bug didnt appear in the first one.

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-Choose Bohemia map as French
-Wall up the tight area between the native post and the cliff (corner of the map).
-Revolt as Canada
-Make an outpost inside the area (somewhat close to one of the walls) and set the resource shipments spawn there
-Take the deer card minimally 3 times
-Take 15-25 French settlers to hunt there and watch what happens
-Later on break the wall to let the deer roam to see if its due to walled area being cramped up

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The settlers would automatically farm the next deer, as it happens with wild animals, instead of becoming idle.

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I dont have one.

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Dont have one.

Edit: added the Game build.


This bug is similar with Lakota in treaty when you ship a lot of huntables cards.
I’m experience this a lot in treaty. The more players and units there is on the map,the more units stop working.

This bug was much more spread out at the start of DE, especially with settlers.
Now the problem is still remaining with hunters impacting hunt strategy (Canada, Lakota)

It’s also happening with military units when you accumulate too much units counts, they stop following your orders. (Aztec big button strat, heavy nat strat like Incas, Canada, Maya, Indonesia or just late game when there is a lot of differents nats you can get)

==> Those bug are old and need fixes and limit great battles the game should be able to manage.
I’ll do a specific bug report if needed but I couldn’t agree with this one.
Thanks @mikrovalna :slight_smile:

Edit : It’s even a legacy bug I reported in 21 here :

As said, now settlers are less impacted thanks to patches, except hunters with hunt cards in general, and military units when you overpop / over make natives.