I can hijack a race in Multiplayer


I’m not sure if it’s a bug or a hidden feature, but there are several buildings in the game that you can put your troops or villagers inside of it like town center or tower or keep.

Now imagine a situation that someone is eliminated from a match and there are some of those buildings available unharmed, let’s focus on an unharmed town center of an eliminated player, I can send a troop inside of that town center, and now it’s mine!!!

it’s possible to create villagers with that town center and the villagers are in that race, therefore, I can build their buildings and their troops, also it’s possible to upgrade my age with their landmark, for example, I’m France and I like the 3rd age of France but the 4th age of England I just need to use England villagers to make the 4th age of England.

Blacksmith upgrades are mutual between races but not all university upgrades are the same for example I can hijack a Mongol race with their horse upgrades and then I could produce France knights with +450 Hp which is a huge difference. it doesn’t affect my population limit but everything else is shared.

For the cherry part, Imagine a Mongol race (it’s not limited to Mongol) which is surrendered or maybe a connection issue kicked him out of the game or etc, so the first town center which is also a landmark is unharmed, and guess what, if I hijack it then it’s my landmark too which I could hide it somewhere, it would be so annoying for the enemy team if I’m the losing side.

As a developer I know we could always call it a hidden feature but I needed to make sure, is it? xD

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Hi, it’s a known thing for atleast a month

Oh sorry, I couldn’t find it in the recent bug reports. should I remove the thread or you would?

If there are multiple treads about the same topic mods will move it/merge together, so you can leave it.

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