I can't publish a mod in-game or through the website

I’ve been working on a Star Wars mod for AoE II: DE and the first version with the stormtrooper unit is finished. I want to publish it but this error appears. I also can’t upload it through the website. The error “Incorrect File format. Only zip files containing AOE mod files accepted.” I’ve tried making a zip file with the files inside the folder and a zip of the folder itself. It’s not working. Any ideas on what can I do to make it work?

As a local mod, it works perfectly fine.

“Invalid token” appears when I try through in-game.

Do you have an AGE3NamesV005.ini file or similar?

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No. I only have .json, .dds, .jpg, .wmv, .bmp, .txt, .dat and .smx files.

So you should be zipping these ones inside your folder. That should then let you upload to the website.

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Can I upload thumbnail.jpg and widgetui folders, too? Should I remove any of them?

They will all be fine I think. You may possibly need to split your mod into two sections, one for graphics, and the other for the DAT stuff. The DAT section needs to include graphics referenced by the DAT file though. For now, try just zipping all of them, and see if you can get it to work.

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I have two mods. One is for cosmetics, like icon of the unit, main menu background and game opening movie. The other one is for the units graphics, the dat file and the “strings, key-value” stuff. I’ve tried uploading the cosmetics one which is called “Star Wars mod by MikeEmpires [icons]”.

I’ve just tried uploading this “Star Wars mod by MikeEmpires [icons]” cosmetic one. I’ve zipped the following files:

I"ve zipped resources, widgetui, info.json and thumbnail.jpg into that “Star Wars mod by MikeEmpires [icons].zip” and uploaded it. I’ve got the following message:

Inside the resources folder, there’s _common and _launcher folders. Inside the _common folder there’s the movies folder with a wmv file inside. Inside the _launcher folder, there’s a bmp inside.

Inside the widgetui folder, there’s the background dds file and the unit icon.
widget → textures → background → dds file
widget → textures → ingame → units → dds file

I’m not sure what’s wrong, that all looks correct. There may be something wrong with the system, @DodoNotDoDo, can you take a look please? Thanks.

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This your mod?

Check if you can download it maybe.

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Thank you very much, @TheConqueror753 ! You’ve been of great help. Thank you very much. I’ve finally managed to publish both mods.