I don't understand the criticism

I think to solve this, they can make a DLC like for Aoe2 DE with ultra graphics

I just ask you? So if you had the choice between more realistic graphics and Fan Preview graphics, you would choose Fan Preview graphics? If you would choose the improved graphic, the discussion is ended

That is also a statement that you simply can’t make because you don’t know. It might as well be like you describe it, but until there is proof that what you are saying is actually true that is all just something that you believe and you should present it as such.

It depends on what the game looks like when it is more realistic. Right know I like the way the game looks apart from a few small details. But I can’t tell you if I would like more realistic graphics without seeing them. I might not. It all depends on what that would look like.

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I wouldn’t choose fan preview, I would choose X019, those graphics appealed to me.

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Well, I don’t know it for sure if it’s the majority, but we also have a like/dislike poll Graphics likes/dislikes Poll

Or a Twitter poll from Maurice Weber (Gamestar), where 28 % say it looks like a mobile game and 37 % wish little improvements (1836 votes). 35 are totally fine with the graphics https://twitter.com/MauriceWeber42/status/1382261263900798977

Maybe it’s not the majority, if we only look at the Age of Empires core fanbase, but if we iook at other RTS fans from Total War, Stronghold, etc., I highly doubt it’s not the majority who prefer more realism. Not hyper realism, but more realism. Stronghold Crusader is very popular too, not far away from Aoe popularity, but since Stronghold 2 the community is waiting for another great Stronghold.

Also many people are interested in Manor Lords. This definitely shows the interest in strategy games with realistic graphics. Or Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator - I don’t like the animations, but it looks epic and realistic at first look. Millions of views on Youtube.

Some of them are potential customers of Aoe4.

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Yeah I too feel that the graphics need improvement in some places but I wouldn’t necessarily say that they need to be more realistic. But rather that there are some aspects that don’t quite fit together yet. So I don’t know if wanting the graphics to be more realistic is something most people would want. To me it seemed that my perspective is that of most but obviously that’s purely subjective.

AoE was never really realistic in my eyes. Of course I understand what people mean when they say that aoe2 and aoe3 were more “realistic”. But to me it was always different in style from those other RTS that were trying to be actually realistic like the Total War series. And I don’t believe AoE4 should go I that direction.

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The graphics of the “maps” seem nice to me, the units (especially with the zoom) are rather caricatured and they seem “out of place” compared to the rest (buildings, map, vegetation, etc …)


I believe most people here, whether liking the current graphics or not, at least recognize that “graphics is not the sole reason that determines the success of a game”.

Similarly, graphics is not the sole reason to like/dislike the game as a whole, or to give it positive/negative views either.
That also applies to every single aspect of the game, including lighting, coloring, historical accuracy, and a lot of minor details. People can have negative opinions on any of these details but remain positive towards the game as a whole at the same time.

Like, every recent Total War game removes some nice details (like visual upgrades of armours, reloading animations of firearms and siege engines, ability to view cities in the campaign map, etc.) or even large parts of the gameplay (naval battles), that were already well-established in earlier games, and people complain about that all the time, but these games remain critically positive and even sold better and better after all.


To depict the Warhammer universe, clearly some parts of the TW formula had to be adjusted.

There is a big difference between Historical and Warhammer Total War. In Historical they can re-use every model, ships, weapons and unit proportions are pretty similar. In Warhammer, that would be a massive chunk of work to put there the ships. Where each faction has own desing.

I mean, I can understand why they removed naval battles for warhammer.

But for other historical total war games I don’t see the point. I can even find an excuse for Three Kingdoms because it is more land-based (but there are still two great rivers crossing the map and important river battles fought in real history). But I cannot find one for Troy, where the whole map is centered around a massive body of water.

That’s for naval battles. For other details like visually upgradable armors, or reloading animations, I can’t see a good reason for dropping them. It turns out that, similar to what happened to naval battles, when the devs found a good excuse to remove an older feature for one game, they end up removing it for all subsequent games.
Empire has a good reason not to include visual armour upgrades because there were no armours, but that didn’t return in Shogun 2, Rome 2 or Warhammer.
Empire and Shogun 2 had firearm reloading animations. Rome 2 didn’t (because there were no firearms of course), but then in Warhammer when firearms returned, the reloading animation was gone.

And for other details like city views or pre-battle speeches, they just disappeared.

These might be good business decisions because they save resources for more interesting elements, but players would love to have more options in games like this. Especially in Total War where close-up examination of battles has always been a fun part, and a lot of these details do not interfere with its gameplay.

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interesting. well at least age will still hae them easily recognizable it seemed. I hope :smiley:

The only criticism I have of Age 4 is the size of buildings. That’s about it. It looks way too tiny for me.

To me the art style is amazing. I really prefer it the way it is and I actually like the more stylized look. So far the systems sound really good.


you may be lucky then, as they did say they worked on the scaling ( meaing either bigger buildings or smaller units).

However I am on the same page as you, and if they didnt change that from the preview, I wouldve still gotten the game ^^

The Age Online community is great. We also have some extremely competitive players.



PARTIALLY true. :smiley: :smiley:

Minecraft is a TERRIBLE comparison. It DOES NOT cost $60. :smiley: :smiley:

MOSTLY (but not fully) true. “Context” specific graphics, are important. :smiley: :smiley:

That is NOT “technically” what i was stating. I was stating that, “the vast majority”, of “casuual” gamers, only buy the newest release games, because of the graphics (mostly). THIS is relevant, BECAUSE, “the company MUST meet a minimum number of SALES for the franchise to be viable”. :smiley: :smiley:

The game is NOT being made for ONLY 1-2 MILLION SALES… The game company that owns the AoE franchise WILL EXPECT approximately 8-10 MILLION in sales, in the FIRST 3-6 MONTHS. :smiley: :smiley:

UNLESS the game SELLS expansions or microtransactions AFTER the intial game release; THEN “PLAYER RETENTION” IS IRRELEVANT. :smiley: :smiley:

OK. GIVE ME $100 MILLION DOLLARS!!! THEN I WILL!!! :smiley: :smiley:

Have you NEVER heard of the 1 in 10,000 RULE? It states that 1 complaint, is EQUAL to 10,000 customers who ahd a negative experience. :smiley: :smiley:

MOST people, who DO NOT like a product, NEVER bother to even leave a negative review. Therefore, if a game is mediocre, it CAN STILL have ONLY POSITIVE REVIEWS.

I forget the specific “fallacy” category it falls under. But it is basically similar to a youtube video i saw, about how the “army” determined “where” to reinforce plans, “by inspecting them, once they returned from a battle”.

The thing about it, is that a plan that DOES NOT return from battle is NOT counted. Whereas, ONLY the planes that “survived”, had bullets holes. THerefore, should you reinforce the plane where the MOST bullet holes are?

The answer is NO. Because those planes “survived”. It is the planes that DID NOT make it back, that you NEED to think about.

Because, it is the places that were NOT shot, that were MORE vulnerable, and subsequently, led to the plane “crashing or being destroyed”.

So thinknig in terms of “who is talknig” is NOT what you should be doing. You should be thinknig in terms of “who is NOT talking”.

just to be clear, there ARE methods of analyses and mathematical models for a distribution analyses to find the approximate probability of those who DO NOT talk or make NEGATIVE criticism. Not to mention that this forum attracts NOT the “casual” players (who also play AoE games), BUT, instead, ONLY the “FANS, willing to go out of their way” to get AoE franchise content. Which is, in fact, a sampling bias. (Because more people are likely to ignore the faults of the newest game or anything in the franchise BECAUSE they are “fans”).

So even if you have LESS players, reporting NEGATIVE criticism, which might be a LOWER proportion compared to the rest of the players in THESE forums, it probably, in fact, is a HIGHER percentage of the “casual” players, and more boradly, the OVERALL community. :smiley: :smiley:

THEY HAVE ALREADY GIVEN THIS INFORMATION. Did you NOT see the ACTUAL preview? :smiley: :smiley:

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I know you think that you sound really smart but I’m not really sure that you can use this model for AoE4. Just so you know I saw the video on YouTube as well.

Sure there are a lot of people that weren’t giving any reviews but if you look at the likes and dislikes on the YouTube trailers the mood of people is overall quite positive.

As with everything the truth is somewhere in the middle. I think we can all accept that there were still aspects during the gameplay trailer that could need improvements. There are people in this forum that say everything is perfect as well as people saying the game is a train wreck. Both of them are extremes and both of them are probably wrong.

You also have to keep in mind that what we saw from the game was still work in progress. So improvements are sure to be made.

Lastly there is no need to belittle others on this forum. My advice to you would be after seeing your other comments is that you should maybe try to be a bit more understanding towards the others. You are entitled to your own opinion and so is everyone else. Noone is right or wrong it’s all just opinions.


where the heck does that rule come from? :open_mouth:
From the industry in general, and modern time, its actually more of the other way around although not in this scale.

You know the saying that negative opinions are always voiced the loudest? and that satisfied customers are less likely to post about their satisfaction, than unhappy customers?

THAT is the reality of modern times. YOu can see it in forums and youtube comments, or basically anywhere else. It also makes sense. If you dislike something, you complain. But if you like it, you keep enjoying it, most ppl wont bother stating anywhere that they like that :slight_smile:

regardning your army example- while this was indeed a very interesting happenstance, it has nothing to do with modern game development, or not that much, i Think.