I feel like a crime has been committed - broken game (chat issue)

It’s been months since Microsoft broke the game I gave them $20 in good faith for. I expected the game to work at least as well as the 1997 version did, but no… this is a cripped broken mess. It’s like Microsoft lured me into a dark alley, stabbed me, stole $20 and left me for dead. How do we file a class action lawsuit that they apparently stopped supporting this broken game so soon after release? I genuinely feel like I deserve my $20 back.

They have apparently abandoned trying to fix the chat issue where it freezes and crashes the game, and no one responds.


This has been reported.

you can add and change language to english on windows setting, after in game, you can reeback.

I agree,
There is no answer by anyone responsible in the developing of the game telling us: Hey, We are sorry we had this problem we are working on solving it. It’s like they are trying to hidde information.
It’s annoying and frustrating

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I totally feel your pain. I love this game and I can deal with the bad AI and all that stuff, but this is a game breaker for me. My friends and I are having to use outside sources of communication which just is not as easy or quick as game chat when you have multiple people. I have searched high and low for a fix and everything I try just does not work. I understand devs cannot update minute by minute what they are working on, but it has been weeks if not over a month now and I cannot find any updates on this issue that totally breaks my game for how I have been using it with my friends.

If you would like to continue commenting about the chat issue with Age of Empires: Definitive Edition and the Windows 10 April 2018 Update please do so here: Chat won't work and jam the game

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