I have made a smooth UI as a mod

I don’t see any difference between the two screen shots. I overlapped them and alt+tabbed and they look the same

Because that’s the same screenshot just cut out.
If you visit the mod’s page (by clicking the hyperlink) you will be able to see more screenshots of the User Interface.

Hope it helped :slight_smile:

Wow I don’t know what people expect here lol. They wan’t someone to write an essay on how the UI looks like so they can be satisfied enough to try the mod?

The picture is more than enough description to show the UI to you, and I am also pretty sure if this mod had a very long and extended description, most people wouldn’t bother or care, only the 2% would read, and the others would just judge based on the picture. Also the people who are asking for before and after pictures 11, like they don’t even know what the default ingame UI looks like? xD

And btw, great work man! Really neat UI, everything centered in one position. I think surely it can be useful to someone.


Your custom UI looks really nice and uses quite similar panel positions as the one I did for myself. I will give it a shot for sure.
However, I still can’t fix an issue with modifying the UI panel positions and couldn’t find sufficient information, yet. Maybe you can help me with that one:
I adjusted the panel positions with the files you mentioned, no problem. I put the resourcepanel slightly more to the left than you did and now it is overlapping with the tooltip-pop-up-window. So everytime my cursor hovers over a technology, a unit, etc. I can’t see how much wood I got. That’s obviously the opposite of a well adjusted UI. Therefore, I want to move the tooltip-pop-up-window but can’t find the corresponding area in the .json files. Do you (or someone else) happen to know how the psoition of the tooltip-pop-up-window can be adjusted?
Sorry for asking a general question and not one directly concerning your custom UI mod =).

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That’ great to hear!

Unfortunately, I don’t know if there even is the file to change the position of the tooltip-pop-up-window.
If there is such .json file I couldn’t find it is located in the widget folder.
I would like to change its position myself so if you ever figure it out I would appreciate that you share that with us here :slight_smile:

I hope you will find the answer if not here - on the forum - then maybe on a discord channel for aoe2 modders.

i was tinkering all day with my ui today, eventually settled with yours. Thx for the amazing upload!

One thing i was trzing and failed so far. Is it possible to remove the box around the minimap to the right side of it. I can remove the box but then i still end up with an unclickable invisible deadzone.

so until the deadzone cant be removed its better to keep the box to atleast see the area where unit commands cant be issued with clicks.

those tooltips are generally quite useless. There is a mod to remove them. useless text remover. For english langugage only so far.

It’s called “No more useless tooltips” and only removes certain unnecessary tooltips.

I don’t think this is what @WhiteStag3193 is looking for, since disabling all tooltips can be done from the settings. And you don’t really want to do this, because then you can’t lookup unit/upg/building info.

just finished a game with your ui, and there is one problem. whenn i am at pop over 100 and it shows 1xx/200 then the pop bar moves left right left right, which makes it appear as xx/200, which could really freak one out thinking OMG how can my pop drop so hard.

eidt: can be fixed by chaning line 503 of the population count widget to
“width”: 150,

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Thank you so much for that comment and specifying the solution. I shall fix it at once!

Thank you, again <3

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No problem. I was using Version 3. DO you know the differences between Redi1 2 3? COuldnt make it out from the screenshots.

That’s true. @PacificWheel208 you could make the mod work for all languages by simply copying the file into every language folder.

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