I have made a smooth UI as a mod

I thought I might share it, so here it is:
UI of Redi 3

I made it for myself so I don’t plan on changing anything.
If you see something that you would want to have in a different location on the screen just make it yourself - it’s actually really easy!

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That looks really cool, man! If i want to adjust the position of something of this mod and see the change live which json file should I change? Thanks

Thanks, those are roles of these files:
commandpanel.json - the main panel
mappanel.json - minimap
resourcepanel.json - res bar
scorepanel.json - players’ scores during the game
technologyprogresspanel.json - unit queue



Thank you didn’t know about unit queue! But I mean if i have the mod enabled and i want to make adjustments to it and see the changes in the moment, which folder should I mod?

It’s tricky. You could copy my mod and make your own in local library (not subscribed library).

If you want to see the changes without having to reload the game then you need to put there everything apart from .json files. So generally graphics into its own local mod.
Then you edit corresponding .json files in your game folder.
This way you can see the changes live.

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so what UI features does this mod have?
I can’t find a description.

Making a proper description is a waste of time - just compare how it looks like before and after subscribing.
As well you have an image that represents how it looks in game.

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it has an image that shows how it looks at the start. we have no idea what it looks like during actual game play, where the production queues are, how invasive those exclamation marks over idle villagers are, etc.

Then I recommend testing.

that’s the point of his question though. a basic description of a UI should include basic features, including actual game play scenarios, so a person can see what it looks like WITHOUT having to test it.

But hey, you be you.

You’re really demanding.

As I said I made it for myself but if you like how it looks like feel free to download it. I don’t get paid for this. I just shared what I spent my time on so others don’t need to.

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It does sound like you would enjoy it if other people use&like your mod.

That would require a little more work from your side. I can’t imagine many people would download a UI mod without a description of what it does. I understand you might not want to go to that effort, which is fine…

A picture is worth a thousand words.

If you enjoy how it looks like download it if not then don’t.


But I do see your point.

In reality I expect people to download the content and change the position, sizes, even images themselves to suit their preferences 11

Which means they are going to unsub right away anyway .

When I was looking for a smoother UI I was searching everything everywhere but nothing was ideal for me.
If you check other UIs in the mod center you’d find they they often have no or a minimum description anyway.

You know what I will update the description, just for you @MatCauthon3 @TougherTrack508


Not working… I subscribe and when I reopen the game I’m unsubbed and the mod is gone from the list.

Can you provide a screenshot of your mod library in game?
Have you tried check-in the box to enable the mod?
If that doesn’t work I recommend unsubbing other UI mods and giving this mod the top priority.

That’s a general problem happening a lot not only with his mod. You should report it too so maybe they’ll fix it.

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Yeah I had other UI Mods that I unchecked the box but it didn’t work.

I also tried to unsub and even manually delete them from the directory but when I reopen the game they reinstall themselves lol.

I can’t get rid of them I guess. :poop:

F to pay respect.

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