I hear other players in the game?

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  • GAME PLATFORM: Xbox live
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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I hear other player voice, can’t turn it off? I tried everything i xbox app. and no options ingame. i hear my teammates and other team.

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Started today.


Just played a game with a friend. We both hear eachother inb the lobby and ingame. and we heard one in the other team talking…

That is odd as far as I know none of the AoE games have mic chat built in, (fortunately) I wonder if it has anything to do with AoE 2 de being ported to XBox

yea its something to do with xbox… but how the f*ck can i hear enemy player… makes no sense.

Dose anyone els has this problem? me and my 2 friends have it. same problem

Same problem, with no way to turn it off, could hear my teammate and the opposition talking. I was playing on PC. They have a speaker icon next to your teammates name in the lobby you can click but it doesn’t disable the voice chat.


Those of you that have this problem, are you playing on the Steam version or the Microsoft Store version?

We went in to windows and took away AOE2 permision to use microfone. We think it helped. But we only tested for one game. Atleast we dident hear echother dubble(beacuse we are in discord also). But we are not sure if it make it so you dont hear enemy player, beacuse maybe in that game no one had mic.

We use Xbox App on pc. So microsoft

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Same problem from my end. I can hear other Xbox players from my PC. For others not to hear myself, in Windows, I went to Settings > Privacy & security > Microphone > and turned my microphone off for the AOE2 DE app. It helps others not hear me but doesn’t help me hearing others!!!

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yea. it so freaking annyoing to hear others… Did you try talking to them? We did 3 games thatwe could hear other players. But noone ever awnser when we tried talking to them…

Thank you, we’re now tracking this issue :slight_smile:

Windows store version

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it happens to my father and me as well, same build and for the microsoft store version (both).
we try to speak to someone… but i did not know if he heard or not…

Same here father and son win 10 and win 11 - ew had to turn off mic in windows settings

I’m too,Hear voice chat,
maybe allies and enemies

The “others” can’t hear you :slight_smile:

I am having the same problem. And it is ruining my games.

The team is working on it.

Thank you, help appreciated.