I hope to improve the texture of the Asian rice paddies so that the player can better distinguish what is currently collected

They collect food and gold are the same, I hope to make the distinction between crops like African fields, so that people can easily distinguish


So do I. I prefer change the wood structure than the crops.


Same, I said this on other post. Changing crops doesnt make sense cause theyvare RICE paddies.


Absolutely. Haciendas too, but given how many settings a Hacienda can have, I’m not holding my breath for that one. A quick fix would be floating coins or meat slabs above the buildings on holding down alt.

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The Asians should just have their own Tea Plantation for coin instead of a Rice Paddy that can switch production.


Visually, the update would be helpful. It’s always good when the game clearly shows you how it is set. Easily recognizable is a good principle.

Yes, it’s called a rice paddy. We don’t have to stop a good idea because we’re hyper fixated on a label. It works with the African fields. Maybe you change the art to look like a tea plantation when tasked to gold? I think tea was ubiquitous enough to work for all Asian civs, no?

If it lives up to its name of rice paddy, I think it’s better.

Perhaps when gathering food, the rice paddies could be the current green.
And when gathering coin, the rice paddies can be golden, just like when they are ready to be harvested.