I loose some hotkeys and i cant chage them back

When i play my fisrt game after last update i notice i loose my tc hotkey that was º, the one beside the number 1. when i try to change it the hoykey change it to the letter “i”. Later i try to change other hotkeys to probe the error, every hotkey i try to change turn in the letter “i”. so i lost all my buildings hotkeys and cant change them back.

It happened the same to me. And even worse. After seeing that it had changed all of my hotkeys I tried to use AOE2DE default hotkeys and make some changes to have it similar to how I had it, and it does not let me change it. I deleted the AOE2DE folder, and when I restart the game I still have those bugged hotkeys.

I ended up uninstalling the game, deleting all AOE2DE files, installing again, and when I started the game I had the same wrong hotkeys and I haven’t been able to change them.

What should we do?

This issue is affecting a few players, I already reported it to the team.
Thanks for your report and sorry for the inconvenience.

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This is happening to me too. My build hotkey is B for build + B for barrack. I don’t have any hotkey conflicts and haven’t changed the hotkeys. This not working means I have to click Barracks manually from the menu to build one, which is really slow and annoying. The game even says B next to Barracks but it still won’t let me use that hotkey. It also changed my Extra Button 1 on the mouse to Go To Town Centre, when usually I have it set to Select All Town Centres.

also say keep up the continue breaking of the game must be a hard achievement constantly ruining the game keep up the work!

Are you all having this problem in Windows OS?

Na it’s happening to me too. I use crossover on mac. For me every hotkey turns to “W”. When I try to set a hotkey that causes a conflict it even tells me (for example “H” to TC) → there is a conflict regarding “H” with other hotkeys. But stil the screen shows that the new hotkey is “W”. Even though the warning actually gets the key right I type, it just alwasy turns up as “W”.

Also in game chat, I can communicate normally and of course standard hotkeys work and are recognised…just not my hotkeys at all.

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I have exactly the same problem. I also use crossover on mac. Since I bought RoR patch, I haven’t been able to play anymore.

This is an issue affecting players who are using Unix based OS(linux and mac), the team is investigating the issue.

Can you try switching to Proton Experimental? Thank you.

Proton Experimental is not for mac users, only Linux