I lost points when I won :(

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I won a 1v1 ranked match. However, when I look back at my profile, the result is that I won, but lost 8 points.
Please, fix this error and give me back the points.

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This is my first time having this problem

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You didn’t play well enough to deserve to score points, that’s why you were punished.

lol, this is unfair…

Hi @chutiencuong !

I cannot repro your issue, but it seems that it is happening to more people. Can you provide more details to us? Which kind of game it was? Does it happen to you regularly?

We are now tracking this issue!

It’s a match ranked 1v1- supremacy mode. That match I played against Kerimb1903. He’s about 100 points behind me.I played with him a few times before, and was so impressed with his play that I remembered his name.
This is the first time I realized I lost points after winning.

Thanks! Attached your info to the ticket <3

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I just had the same issue:
Game Version: 101.101.56005.0 7694700
Windows 10

First time I play this year, happend to me and a team mate. 3rd player in our Team won points.

Guess I don’t need to explain that I’d expect to win or at least not loose points for winning…

Same here. I played with hightower in that match and lost 28 points although we won. I do not even mind, but it is a weird bug that should definitely be looked into.

Game version: 101.101.56005.0 7694700
Windows 10