I really dislike Jeanne and OOD

It’s like they tried to make the most annoying possible comps to fight against. French knight rush with the added joy of insta-heals and aoe damage. The activated abilities are obnoxious and thematically her civ is just goofy. Not nearly as goofy though as the OOD units running around looking like half-giants, where a light horseman is the size of a Sherman and can out-trade every other unit any other civ can field at feudal age. However, Japan and Byzantine, Ayyubids and Legacy, the rest is great. These two just seem really out of place.


I like them. I think they bring something different.
OotD needs some tweak, probably more unique techs (simple ones) but the concept is good.

Guilded horsemen cost 240 resources, while a spearmen cost 80.
I can garantee 3 spear will beat a guilded horseman.


I don’t mind Joan, thematically, but Order of the Dragon is absurd. They might as well have put dwarves in there and called them Nibelungs. OotD simply read non-human to me. Fiction is fine, like the alternate history remaining Roman Empire in AoE2, but OotD’s supermen are fantasy.


I wouldn’t qualify them as “superman”

Their strength is a ratio 2-1 and it’s not uncommon in history to have such ratio when one side is better trained elite warriors vs regular soldiers.

As example the famous spartan battle led by leonidas, they won outnumbered by a ratio over x10 times.

A super hero can beat hundreds of enemies by himself.

So a ratio 2-1 is quite reasonable and much closer to well trained elite warriors than superhero.


If you think OoTD’s tough units is fantasy, then just wait until you see monks and their magical healing and converting abilites… :grin:

AoE games have always had a bit of fantasy in them, so I think OoTD is fine.

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If you call OOD fantasy, then what do you call what happened here in this video?


Yep, I will never touch the miserable Joan D’ark civ in my life.
This is the most disturbing civilization in the game.


That monk changed their mind with his wise words.
But that OOD and Joan D’ark are just straight stupid.

Because “NeNeNeeeeeeee” is wise words now :grin:. The variants are not stupid, they make sense. Time to get over this debate because they won’t remove them from the game. Again you dont need to play as them :smiley:


You don’t have anything to say!
And how does Joan D’Ark civ makes sense to you?
Explain yourself!

History accurately, the Persian army led by Xerxes defeated Greek forces led by the Spartan king Leonidas in the Battle of Thermopylae

Learn history noob, OOTD existed and fought ottoman

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They are wise words for those like him, people like that will justify any nonsense that suits them but will be against Anything that doesn’t suit them. Ignore morons and thats it.

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LOL, never was about the name. I couldn’t care less that they named the faction after a historically existent group. But I guarantee you, the historic Order of the Dragon wasn’t made up of Giants.

Healing is an established gameplay mechanic. Just like nobody dying of old age despite the game lasting centuries. Or Villagers popping out of town halls as grown adults. Or having a universal resource pool without the need for storehouses. The game uses concepts like medicine or religious proselytizing very dissimilar to the real world.
But the game world working different from the real world doesn’t mean, therefore giants. Having nonhumans or humans who are displayed with nonhuman characteristics wasn’t part of the game world before, and I do not consider it a good addition.

Joan on the other hand, seems to me working largely within established game logic. Now personally I’d prefer it, if she was “Joan in everything but name” If they called the faction French Rebellion and the hero divine champion or something and leave it ambiguous if she is the same girl after resurrection or if another young girl succeeded her. Apart from her ability to cheat death, what makes her that different from the Mongol Khan?


Do they have any success against Ottomans?

Anyway, that was a specific situation… the Spartans locked them in a corridor and the Spartans were still defeated…

Not too much, the Order had Dracula and Skanderbeg’s victories but little else…

Really is that the order dracula belonged then they should have made it wallachian civ and added those as unique units

They probably do, maybe it could be a civ with several heroes in each age (Emperor Sigismund, Jogaila, Skanderbeg, Henry V, Dracula etc etc etc)… many are heroes in AoE 2…

I hope it doesnt,this hero thing need to go away but they can maybe do a campaign for them but they dont have any success etiher.How did they manage to find that order among all the famous orders.

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It must be because they looked for famous medieval orders and they liked it because it was a varied order that covered several countries during the 15th century…