I see IV is on sale. Is it worth it yet?

Or would it be better to walk till October and see how it looks then?

All comments welcome.

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No matter what comments come next in this thread, you should just follow your instincts whether the game looks like something you would enjoy.


yup at your wish but imo not. it deserve a 50% sale to be a worthy of purcharse


You can play it on gamepass… And if you don’t like, you can play other hundreds of games meanwhile aoe4 goes better

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Go with GamePass, it is objectively superior to purchasing AoE4, under any circumstances.

Depends what you’re looking for in the game. Season Two is around the corner and has an overview here.

AOE4 is worth when -50% or more.
It is a game just finished 40%.

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I think AOE4 is a great game.

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Aoe4 is a great game! I recommend it.


I’m not sure if I would say it is worth it or not, depends if you think it looks good and how much you will play it. I haven’t played for awhile so I’m not sure if the game is better now then it was a month or so ago or not.

I just introduced it to my wife, who has never really played RTS before, and she is addicted to it. Evertime I wake up (I sleep during the day because I work at night) she is playin vs AI or campaign.

Game prices are generally associated with the hours of content they contain, and I would say AoE4, with the 4 campaigns, mastery challenges, and pvp has enough hours of content to justify the price tag.

But of course it’s also dependent on how much you like RTS games and how much time you plan on spending with the game and all it’s features.


$60 game normally for AAA titles has massive amount of single player playable content, with high replay value.

this game does not and strictly for multiplayer. if you’re interested in multiplayer, might be worth it for 50% off. if not, then best to wait 1-2 years for more stuff to follow.

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I bought it within a few days of release for less than the current sale price on Steam. The MS Store version is currently available for just over half price from a 3rd party retailer.

I’d argue that they have a large amount of SP content OR a lot of replayability. Games with both are uniquely well crafted and probably had an insanely high budget. RTS games are generally more focused on repayability due to the nature of the gameplay loop, rather than a oneshot singleplayer experience.

Now, I highly enjoyed the campaigns I played and would like to finish up the rest, and am more than welcoming of more via DLC, but the core loop of this game is pretty pvp/pvAI focused so I’d say given the content there, with all the civs to master PLUS the campaign, you are hitting 100hrs pretty easily if you are looking to do all the game has to offer.

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thats with what and how you see them. in my eye its not worth it compare to other AAA games, minus few other exception of course.

there are plenty o games you can play multiplayer, much more competitive for less or even free.

i play it nearly daily and enjoy it like i enjoy aoe2de.

campaign is awesome, single player skirmish too, coop against ai also.
ranked is kind of how you like competitive modes - for me i cn enjoy most games but tower rushes maked me stopped playing ranked. but not the game.

don’t buy the digital deluxe edition! the extras are the worst extras ever.

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If you love rts - YES.
Is there any good rts for last 9 years? There is a dozens of failed games (we all know them, its too lazy to call them again and again). Some games are not bad, but very specific (Spellforce 3, Planetary Annihilation).

But AoE4 is finally a good rts, with solid basic mechanics, uniq features (amaizing sound design, check " Age of Empires IV - Dev Diary: Music & Voice Over "), and non-stop work on it (well, its going with small steps, but hey, faster than ice storm on refunded).

Graphics is fine (some love it, some dont know what they like, if its something new and not 20 years old, lol); balance is shaky, but allready stable enough to find your civs and playstyle; online is good (dont forget, that
there is xbox game pass); people are friendly, mostly :smiley: .

Dont regret that bought it on release by full price.

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It’s 200 reals here in Brazil. I can’t pay for that.

So don’t get it then :sweat_smile:

I generally like to remain on the positive side of things. Which makes being honest about this question uncomfortable. Truth is, AOE 4 does not deserve the confidence of the consumer. It has potential, but there’s a long list of games that have survived on their “potential” for years of lackluster development. Considering it’s supposed to be a AAA title, the quality and experience of the game has to be held to a higher standard than titles like DayZ.

  1. Failure to use Early Access or Beta labels to protect consumer faith and manage expectations in the product. This directly enabled players to have full development expectations reasonable for a modern RTS (minus balance) which was simply not the reality of gameplay, and hasn’t been, for over half a year now. (Fully Config Keybindings for example).

  2. Failure to use social media to control development narratives. At minimum key developers are now social media advocates for their games. They are the voice of Saron. They give air to the dream. Lacking that Official voice, players will turn to other influential players for the game’s narrative. That’s amazingly bad business. This enables posts like this, to have stronger influences on your player base. The culture of your game, which will have a huge effect on it’s success. It melts my brain honestly.

  3. Bad Balancing. If the game was released fully developed, you’d expect bugs and general imbalance, especially for an asymmetric game. These are not indicative of bad balancing. What is however, is when you see tripple nerfs to mechanics. Bold adjustments should be extremely rare, they are typically indicators of a change in vision or direction of the game. After a bold adjustment, you should see a few patches of minor adjustments as thing’s are tweaked left and right to tune the experience. PuP2 has a few tripple nerfs, and that’s concerning being half a year into a fully developed game that was asking full price.

  4. Murky Vision. It’s difficult to figure out what the development priority is. Is AOE 4 a team ladder RTS? Is AOE 4 a 1v1 ladder RTS? Is AOE 4 a single player experience? What is the developments focus? Balancing a game for 1v1 is entirely different from balancing a game for Teams. The play experience is entirely different. Do you have the resources and vision to dedicate development to 1v1, Team, Solo and Expansion? Have we divided the resource pie so many times, that each progress is at a snail pace? If we have all these spinning plates, do we have a central leadership core that can management and integrate all these moving pieces properly? Being someone that watches the bug tracker, it dosent seem like it. There’s some issues behind the curtain. Very likely some serious leadership issues either being dictated to them from an outside source or within their own management team.

Is AOE 4 worth the price? If they focus on the modding experience and single player campaigns, possibly. They need to fix their map editors and get those bugs fixed in campaign first. If their intent is to keep a price tag on AOE 4, that should be the priority. If Ladder play is your goal, AOE 4 will have to go free to play. You need the numbers and RTS is a small pie. They will have to focus on either 1v1 or Team ranked and balance each separately. Then a cosmetic store and expansion line will be the revenue source. Any which way, as I’ve said before, they need to get a social media presence to get their playerbase in sync. Large Money Tourneys to me, are a Band-Aid solution that seems more indicative of lacking perspective of their situation rather than a vote confidence on the quality of their game.

TLDR: As much as I want to say yes, if you’re on a limited budget and are looking for solid game to play, I would not recommend AOE 4. Not yet.