I want to remind the devs and Microsoft

You can’t just stay quiet about this game and wait for it to die to dodge spending resources to fix it because this game will not die. The game has survived since 1997 without much support until DE which brought support for a few months but was later abandoned. Since the devs are always so eager to say that they are reading the posts in the forums, can they show the common courtesy of at least saying something about AoE1? This is getting very stupidly annoying, a very small team could work wonders for this game but for some reason it does not get it?

There are already countless threads about suggestions and bug fixes, while bug posts for other games almost always get a reply for other games in the franchise there is nothing except for silence here…


I’m right there with you. But we’ve been mocking this for what feels like an eternity, sometimes with the same sentences. They simply don’t care.
In the meantime, I also doubt that any dev is reading along here. Because anyone with a little heart and empathy, who would get what’s going on, would write something.


Only thing what would work, if we could some how boycott AoE4 untill they fix AoE1DE. But thats impossible so there is nothing else to do than beg and hope, which seems doesn’t work since they don’t read or they don’t care about it. So what is left is most likely if AoE4 will be success then they might make AoE5 in same time period as Age of Empires 1.

Or if some talented person that cares about this game could fix, improve and mod game to better.

I play AoE II and AoE IV too but I keep coming back to AoE I. It has that simplicity that I love. I really wish the developers would listen more to the players and improve the game that made all of the other games possible. While it could use some updating, it hits the sweet spot for me between complexity and playability. I also find the ancient theme more interesting.


what is left on the cheap side of things to add to the game?
bug fixes, maybe some of the pathfinding
but I wouldnt expect new civs unless the game get some attention by people and start getting some competitive scene that get microsoft attention.

AoEDE to me seems like the test subject to see how the DE concept will work, before going for AoE2DE, the one they really wanted to make because is the most popular one

For example, you could introduce special technologies for each civ to highlight the uniqueness of each civ.
Or you could fix the pathfinding and the glitch animations.
All things that have been suggested many times before. As for the technologies, suggestions have even been made for each civ.

How is that going to happen without crucial updates to the game coming out and being announced/marketed accordingly?
I know several people who say that the game has a lot of potential, but the mechanics and possibilities are just too antiquated.

Many greetings.

I agree with nostrodomos here, how can a competitive scene grow without any support? Even if they won’t add new civs, they can at least fix some bugs and do some balancing for the civs and campaigns… Also it is much easier to make new campaigns for this game when compared to other age games as there are less triggers and a single voiceline is used either way so making a new expansion would not be an expensive endeavor :slight_smile:

There is also this, I don’t understand what Microsoft thinks but it doesn’t make any sense to me to tell people in April to continue sharing your ideas for the game and that they will be considered just for them to say the game is no longer supported like that now.


Did you get a reply from that?
I bet no.