I want Villagers to Have a Gold Cost

Hey guys,

I’m working on a new multiplayer custom game and I want everything to have gold costs. I was hoping to make Villagers have a gold cost, but the following trigger setup didn’t seem to work:

E: Modify Attribute: Food Cost → Set = 0
E: Modify Attribute: Gold Cost → Set = 75

Using “add” doesn’t work either.

I was wondering if this is because Villagers innately have no gold cost? But it’s clearly possible, since Filthadelphia’s Norse campaign has Villagers for gold. I also had no trouble giving Legionaries a gold-only cost of 100G at a Wonder, so I’m clearly missing something.

And as for an obvious workaround: I want to avoid using King/Outpost triggers for Villagers in particular, because I want villagers to use construction time at a TC.


Use the Change Object Cost effect instead of the one within the Modify Attribute effect’s list. Also use set, no Add.

How’d I miss this.

Thanks, much more elegant trigger.