I would like your help to create a Chinese historical battle

Hi everyone have you an idea of a Chinese historical battle that would be interesting in AOE III between 16th and 19th century.
I’m looking for an idea to create .


The Qing conquering Tibet. The CCP would love that.


It’s interesting but the Mongols don’t exist yet in AOE III so I couldn’t, but I keep the idea if civilization is published one day

My other suggestion would be the Qing skirmishes with the Russians who were encroaching on Chinese territory from Siberia. I think that is a lesser-known part of history for most people and would fit the themes and gameplay of AOE3 well.

I’m not an expert in Chinese history but the Kangxi Emperor was a legend who ought to be recognized more often in media. His reign is the place to look for video game ideas.


Do you mean Mainland China conflict or has to be related with European?

Ming and Qing dynasty:



Because most of Mongol tribes has been conquered by Manchurian(Qing dynasty) before they conquer Ming dynasty.
The rest of Mongol tribes(mainly Dzungar Khanate) remain in North West region finally been defeated in 1697.

Of course is SHAME and WEIRD they didn’t appear as minor civ in the Mongol map, not to mention be REPLACED BY Sufi Mosque and Shaolin Temple…

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That’s what I want to talk about many years ago.
It’s really shame that Ensemble Studios never focus too much on The Asian Dynasties DLC back in 2007.
Especially for Chinese.


Thank you very much for your help, and I just wanted the time slot to be well understood in case or certain this could be deceived.

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You’re welcome~
I really hope AOE3’s players focusing on Asia, if the next DLC is conformed as Asian, I will VERY EXCITING! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’m Chinese(Han Taiwanese) myself.
Always welcome foreigners ask me about Chinese History, especially Ming and Qing dynasty. :slightly_smiling_face:


There is a “Tartar” civilization in the Chuvash Cape battle. Maybe you can reuse that if you need “Mongols”.


The problem with that solution is that you run a big risk of countless people flooding the internet with comments along the lines of: “durrr a half-finishheed civ is in da game, why it no playable???”

Dzungar wars

You may re-use the “Tartars” as well

Imjin war

It was included in AOE2, but now we have (slightly) better represented Chinese and Japanese (but sadly no Korean), we can try a battle with more Chinese participation:

(The latter had the Ming army greatly outnumbered and failed to accomplish its goal, but can be designed as a “breakout” type battle)

Koxinga’s war against the Dutch in Taiwan

We already have Koxinga’s iron troopers.


In terms of the units it can work as a substitute but the buildings are not really interesting.
But I could probably try.

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Actually it doidn’t took Qing much military power to take Tibet. Tibet that time is more of a Buddhism nation like Vatican ruled by elite monks. At one time Tibet was controled by Mongol army. When Mongol went down Tibet soon gave up, the monks continued to rule Tibet and Qing only step in when big descisions needed to be done. Tibet never had a real army, it was Qing and the Mongols fighting for ownership of Tibet.

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Qing army did fight Gurkha troops occupying some part of Tibet though. Gurkhas were from today’s Nepal.

Hmm if you want something before 16th century but very doable…

I recommend the famous Battle of Red Cliffs from the Three Kingdoms period (period right after Han dynasty).
A huge naval battle where fire ships from the kingdom of Shu and Wu decimated the Wei naval force, the naval battle was followed by a land battle where the remaining Wei forces lost and fled.

Basically use Old Han Units, Changdaos, Fire Ships, Regular Junks, and Steppe Riders

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Battle for Taiwan Island
1661,The “Ming” of the Chinese Empire came to southern Taiwan.
On the other side of the strait, there is the new Chinese empire “Qing” along the coast.
The northern part of Taiwan and Penghu is occupied by the Dutch, and the Philippines is occupied by the Spanish and there are Portuguese in Macau.
On the sea there are Japanese pirates and merchants
Come on! Play as one of the civilizations and conquer everything you see.

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That’s because the asian dynasties was not made by ensemble studios,but by big huge games…

They still have right to make decision.

Yes,but let’s remember that they made the asian dynasties in a year…and they had to cut a lot of things in both expansions…