Iam afraid about the next patch

Iam writing this to warn you guys. There is a lot of expectations about balance changes :frowning:

-Fire Lancers
-Rus HA
-Water (Food from water gather to fast)
-Chinese bombard
-Siege Meta

Iam pretty sure not even 25% of this will be fixed. Even if they nerf mongols tower rush, the problem will remain the same, people will find an other way to abuse Mongols because they are just to strong.

!!! Be ready for the most disappointment possible that a patch has never done for any games since some centuries !!!

Iam doing this because I believe in the game in the long run, not short term, it will take a lot of times for Relic to understand how we want to play this game. So iam warning you to moderate the deception, then maybe you will not leave the game after the next patch.

I hope i’m wrong, if that’s the case, it will surely be the best patch that has ever been done for a game. :slight_smile:


if the next patch is bad this games ded 100%


Add spear bracing for dehli and hre


yoou can fear. We will see but i’m agree if the patch is so long or bad this game is dead.

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The AI also needs to be redesigned :frowning:


No patch or rework will save this game.


Next patch probably won’t be till March. I’ve already quit the game for now due to most of the things you mention so if we have to wait till March and it doesn’t address most of the main issues (mongols, ww2 tank siege, rus HA, the laughable amount of bugs present etc) then this game, at least from a competitive standpoint, will fall off hard. Nobody wants to feel disadvantaged by not playing Rus or Mongols for another 3 months or whenever they release the patch after the next one. No one wants racing car siege with the health of a tank that never misses. And it goes on with the other things you mention. It’s such a big joke that you can’t even use specific units for civs properly after like a month of them being broken (HRE spears, Delhi spears).


Why make a post like this that just is all out negative towards the devs?

I dont even get why users are here calling out the game will be dead… Games can evolve to better things in time. Its not like we have a lot of other RTS options to play anyway…


Because they cannot handle even basic stuff like ban cheaters? Or they put into patch notes stuff which remains untouched for example?

Or because they dont communicate at all?

I didnt know that AoE IV development is top secret nuclear project.

Good to see a weekly streams/videos on YT or Twitch where they would answer most asked questions so players would be satisfied right? Am glad they do this even it takes them only 1-2 hours of preparations to acomplish this. Really good approach towards all playerbase right after release right? :slight_smile:

@RadiatingBlade edit: Do not call out players per the forum code of conduct.

Do u want me to conntinue?


For someone like me with extensive experience with Relic games I can tell you that this is a very realistic outlook.

From COH2’s extremely poor balancing at the time of release and for months , years after, taking months to patch out game breaking bugs and imbalances and then later DOW3 needing huge balance adjustments from the get go but only ever getting one meaningful change in it’s short lifespan then eventually lost all developer support and was abandoned.

You as a consumer just get fed false hope like “we have a big surprise coming for you”. This is what Relic did in DOW3 but when this “surprise” came, it was simply more meaningless content not actual changes that needed addressing… What we all want is for obvious changes to make the game more enjoyable like the ones you list for example: Fire Lances not two shotting buildings, siege not dictating the boring meta, Mongols not oppressively tower rushing you with no economical trade off - these are obviously well known issues right, that unfortunately will take months to be fixed, if ever. The only optimism I have for the future of AOE4 is that it is also largely involved with Microsoft , so hopefully they will police Relic into actually doing their job. I’m not saying Relic are the only ones like this because I see this trend with Paradox too, they just release more “stuff” and don’t actually fix the core fundamentals of their game. I even see the people on these forums making threads that want new civs when the current ones don’t even work properly.

Now I’m just going to speculate. The “Essence” engine that these games work on - COH1&2, DOW 2&3, and now AOE4 which I think was adopted from Homeworld’s engine was developed not by these new Relic development team but by the original development team of Relic, who then since went to Blizzard, this happened over a decade ago, and new Relic still uses their original engine. The thing is; I think the new devs at Relic don’t know properly how to use or adjust this engine because it’s not actually theirs. So these patches come out with strings attached. Like Abassid Spears turning into artillery units for example. I can almost predict the next patch having huge issues; it would certainly follow the trend.

I feel like Relic don’t really have a clue what they are doing, not going to lie. Or maybe technology just has not caught up to what we expect from games now? Or perhaps with games like SC2 we have just grown accustomed to higher standards.


Worth it to mention fact that CoH2 was saved JUST AND ONLY by Community Patchers - not by Relic itself.
Without them the game would be completely dead as balance was in horrible stage back under Lelic.

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This is truth and experienced from aoe3de. Dev didn’t solve the old balance problems but keep creating new broken civs for earning DLC. However there are always some players just say they only play singleplay and don’t care about balance.
Remained multiplayer do just pay for win until they spent almost all enthusiasm the new broken civ.

But this style is just destroying the game and finally remains inly loyal fans and single players.

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yes :smiley: im SO glad i got that game just from game pass

Now I’m playing AoE 2 again and I really enjoy it.
That physics. Those arrows that shoot next to you, those animations.
And I could go on

The heart is dancing


Oh yeah, im playing it too.

I thought the balance whine is starcraft phenomena. The game is awesome. Yes, there are a few bugs here and there, like spearmen bracing, etc. It looks like some people prefer to play and some people prefer to whine on forums. Mongols OP? Become number one player playing mongols. Siege OP? Build it and win with it! Fire lancers OP? Play china. It is not AOE2, it is a different game with new strategies.


That’s why these civs pickrates are so high, and totally destroy the fun due to always fight against these civs.


This is not negative towards the devs or the balance team. I think they are doing a great job. I think you dont know who takes decisions in those companies.

Iam 100% sure that the guy who decide the balance does not play the game every day like a lot of us. They just dont know HOW it"s bad to have one spammed civ or strategy that kill the game.

Iam pretty sure there is A LOT of frustration among DEVS and Balance testers because there is not enough patchs.

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Iam 1600+ and it’s worst than that link :frowning: When you start improving, you should be happy with your higher rank, but that means you will face more and more mongols. It’s like they want us to stop playing the game. XD