Icons.json and materials json in new patch

Has anyone gotten custom tech icons working in data mods after the new patch released? Is there anything new that needs to be added to icons.json or materials.json to get the data mod to read custom files in widgetui?

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no, it doesn’t work and it has been reported to the devs in age discord.

this is one of those things that they say its supported but not working, and we might not get a fix until several months later.

Thanks, I did join a discord group a bit ago so that I could ask around. Apparently materials.json works in ROR, but not AOE2DE. Hopefully this gets patched soon cause this would be nice to have for data mods.

Bummer, looks like this bug didn’t make the cut for the August patch

In my case since July 8th it has been working correctly in my mod. You can install my mod to check if there is something wrong with your mod. My mod that has the custom icons is called “AOE2_Golden_DE (Graphics_Text_UI_Movie)”, but you also need the dat mod with the name “AOE2_Golden_DE (DAT_AI_TREE)” to be able to see the icons in a match.

Thanks, I can get it to work in a non-data mod, but the devs claimed these were supported in data mods back in May. I want to combine icons into my data mod since it’s kinda inconvenient just to have a small sub mod just for icons.

Seriously Devs, this was announced over 6 months ago and this feature still isn’t fixed. People still have to run multiple mods to be able to have icons and a data mod in the same custom game… Why can’t anyone fix this?

I have been modding since 3 months after I started this game back in jan 2020. the turn around time for fixes ranges from the next patch (1-2 months) to up to possibly 1+ year.

for issue like this they probably don’t see much priority in, it’ll likely take 1 year to see a fix, even though its a feature they “supported” since several month ago via official patch.

Can anyone advise how to add new unit icons in AOE2DE at present? Based on this.

not working as part of datamod yet, not fixed yet

The silver lining is that no one has to gouge their eyes out after seeing my crappy homemade blender icons

heh quoting my original reply to your OP

me and freak tested this back in May 23 I think though not sure when patch came out could be even earlier. so yea its been 7 possibly almost 8 months now

since this is modding related, its less priority for them and its the norm