Idea about Madrasah unique technology (saracens)

I have an idea to make Madradah more worthy to get and not laughable tech, and here is my suggestions:

First Option:Madrasah now make both of Monks and Mameluks return 33% of their gold cost when die (by this no need to reduce the Mameluke cost). I prefer honestly to make it be able to make all gold units return 25% or 30% of their gold when die not only Monks and Mameluks.

2nd Option:Madrasah: Monks return 33% of their gold cost when die and turn Monastery to Madrasah (or Mosque) that make all military units and vills be able to garrisone inside Monasteries that will have a 20pop room and heal units 3x faster.

Of course if we take the 2nd option, the Mameluke gold cost will need a cost reduction (to 70g for example) and a training time reduction to 21s or 19s instead of 25s.

So what do you think guys?

you just can’t help but keep outing yourself as equalizer.


Looks like you confused me with someone else

you show up after he got banned.
you post the same way he posts.
your ideas are almost all the same as his ideas.
and you even said yourself just a little bit ago that you suggested making the boyar 70 gold, when you have never suggested that in any post you have made. which means that would only be true if you had an account before this one.

evidence stacks on evidence stacks on evidence.


@MatCauthon3 did equaliser recived the Pathan treatment and got banned?

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Why not saying taking an idea I liked it from someone?! It can be happen can’t it?! I like those ideas.

also i think equalizer had an different pattern in his setence structure

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oh? and where did you say the 70 gold idea before? go ahead. show me where you said before making boyar 70 gold was a good idea.

well the point is that the person we refer too got bashed for his ideas and was a general troll

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Many comments you can check the reviews. I think you should listen to @Atafas

Do you see those ideas are troll ideas?

really? because i checked all of your comments. not once have you suggested making the boyar 70 gold. you only have 91 posts. its quite easy to check them.

Maybe…can’t help with that.

i mean did it show a repetitive pattern of answers @MatCauthon3 ?

point is - i checked your posts. never once has this account suggested 70 gold boyar before.
which means any suggestion of 70 gold boyar had to come from an old account.

Yeah this is what I thought too.

just spill the beans equalizer maybe you learn from it not to troll on the forum and act civilized and respectful

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Maybe you confused between me and someone else, in general if I like an idea I will take it even from suspended/banned person. There are many interesting ideas in this forum, no?

Dude you even misspell the same words he did

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Which they are? (20 char)