Idea about Madrasah unique technology (saracens)

so you just happen to like everything equalizer does, have the same post style as him, the same sentence structure as him, with the same typos as him?

and on top of that you said this.

and yet i can’t find anywhere on this forum where you have suggested this before. which means you could only have suggested this before on another account,

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And you keep throwing around the word laughable in every sentence just like him

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Yeah his ideas are interesting, no?

Oh my bad! Grammar mistake! I was going to say "I suggest instead of I suggested, so this is why you were confusing!!!

Many people have common things, no?

Yeah, who knows maybe you’re his long lost twin

Yeah maybe who knows?!

not really no. and that doesn’t change the fact you post the same way he does.

Which way do you mean?

i don’t know, why don’t you go look at some of his posts and you tell me.

7, you mean the highlights? Everyone can do this, and it is better to make it more CLEAER to readers. So I advise anyone to do it in their topics

this is another good example. you use this and 11 and other such stuff. so did equalizer. you both love to use the word “broken”.

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So? Every AOE player use 7 or 11 or 14 or whatevery numbers from the game, same for broken/imbalanced/balance…

look around this forum - not many people actually use it when posting on the forums.
and not nearly with the frequency you do.

no, they don’t, at least not with this frequency. people use words like strong or weak or need a buff or nerf, but as for the word broken? that’s all you/equalizer.

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I saw a post of two of him using words highlighted in bold and laughable this laughable that sounds like him. The only thing that differentiates him from equaliser is he hasn’t overused the word “cry” yet


Nah you are exaggerating with your conclusions bro, many people do this and it seems your really confused between me and him. If we have the same style this doesn’t mean I am him.

heres another example, equalizer loved to use the word “bro”.

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Are the highlights something rare in this forum?! This is weird because it is really helpful to readers.

Kinda does when you show up just as he is banned with the same ideas, manerism as him

Many people say “bro”, so what is the new here?

As I said I don’t mind to copy someone ideas if I liked them. I am new here, you can say this to anyone.