Idea for Elephant Archers

Elephant archers are probably the most useless UU in the game - nobody ever makes it (unless to troll). Here is a unique idea that might make them viable and interesting:
What if elephant archers could cause a small melee splash damage to nearby units, in addition to pierce damage to targeted units? This will prevent them from being easily overwhelmed by halbs. This will be a very interesting UU behavior that will make the game more fun.

This has already been suggested in one of the dozen or so Elephant Archer/Indians threads active within the past month, so you might check those out first. Interesting? Sort of, but as far as I’m aware, limitations in the game engine would make this difficult or impossible. Even if it’s possible, I wouldn’t say the devs are tryhard when it comes to adding new mechanics, usually preferring to buff units in a more straightforward way via stat changes.