Idea for "It Follows"-inspired mod

I’m no good with programming and have no idea how to transfer files around to upload mods, so I’m presenting this idea in the hopes that somebody else who IS good at modding can do it for me.

I’m sure everyone’s familiar with the movie “It Follows” by now. It’s basically about an eldritch creature that takes the form of any human that constantly follows its target in as straight a line as possible. The curse can be passed on through intimacy, but the original target is still in danger if the new target dies, and the creature is invisible to all but those who possess the curse.

Similarly, this “creature” would take the form of a random infantry or foot archer unit at random in-game. It would be a Gaia unit, but would have the player’s color. It would move about as fast as a Monk. It would appear as soon as the first unit is selected, and would start on the opposite side of the map. Any new selected units would become its new target, but previously selected units would be stored and could become targets again after the previous target died. The creature would have a very high attack, able to one-shot almost any unit, but wouldn’t target buildings; it would additionally have very high HP and be basically invincible. And of course, it would be invisible to enemy players.

I think this mod would be a lot of fun to play around, and could really change how people play the game, as they would have to use waypoints a lot more and micro a lot less.

One thing I forgot to mention before posting is that the mod could be called “Persistent Stalker” to avoid using the movie title, for copyright reasons.

It would be impossible to make this mod.

Really? Darn. Well, couldn’t you make a scenario like it then?

Maybe, not sure giving the gaia unit pc will work or not.

what will be the goal of this scenario? Survive x amount of time from the monster?

I guess just try to build up a normal civilization, maybe build a Wonder. The goal is to try to survive with a normal civilization, and other players attacking you, with the threat of this shapeshifting monster unit constantly looming over you. I think it would be a fun, unique, and very scary experience.

But I want to see if there are other modders who might have an idea of how to implement it.

Like @Mahazona said, it’s not possible. Doesn’t matter which modder you ask, the mechanics you want simply don’t exist. Like having it be invisible to enemies.

Bummer. It would make for an interesting game mode, though. Maybe I can petition the devs to make something similar.