(Idea) Revolutionary France!

Very unrealistic. No balancing on mind. Just for fun :slight_smile:

Revolutionary France (or whatever name that sounds better)

Age 4 revolution option for French

  • Settlers and cdb turn into “national guards” (cheap re-skinned revolutionaries with higher melee, higher speed but lower hp)
  • All military buildings -50% cost.
  • Explorer transforms into marshal, which can plant inspiring flags and build forts.
  • Napoleonic code automatically researched (penalty removed). Young/Middle/Old Guards enabled at church (if not researched already)


  • Levee en masse: all units now train in batch of 10
  • Sans-culottes: national guards can gather trees, mills and estates; enable the training of settlers (85 gold)
  • Grand Battery: each existing fort spawn a falconet; new forts also spawn a falconet when built
  • Napoleonic Guards: ship grenadiers. Grenadiers are now equipped with muskets & bayonets
  • Marshal of the Empire: ship another marshal
  • Saint-Cyr Military Academy: imperial unit upgrades enabled
  • 3 horse artillery (infinite)
  • 2 heavy cannon (infinite)
  • 6 Mamelukes (infinite, 1000c)
  • Fort wagon (infinite)
  • Grenade Launcher (if not sent already)


No more inspiring flags please. That is by far the dumbest mechanic they’ve come up with and we don’t need more of it.

The rest looks solid though.


But… it’s the revolutionary France right now…

unless you change the leader of France to Louis XIV

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Leader name does not matter that much…the AI can revolt to US with Queen Elizabeth as the leader.

Great idea! This would add some fun flavor.

The idea of a revolutionary france would be great imo, but i think the problem is that as now france already incorporate stuff from it, still i have hope that old european civ can be expanded and improved

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It’s a good idea, after all it’s strange Napoleon fighting with the flag of the Borbouns.

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No Napoleonic Guns ? :slightly_frowning_face:


I had a similar idea for Japan, with the Meiji Restoration doing more than just aging up to Imperial without a wonder: Replacing the normal Japanese units with Western equivalents retextured to look Japanese, and rebalanced a little to benefit from cards sent previously. Basically what happens when Mexicans revolt to Yucatan and then to Maya.


Meiji Restoration should change to be another kind of revolution.


That would be amazing! I had a very similar idea to try to change the French in the original AOE 3, but I didn’t have time to put the idea into practice.

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